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MLS Cup 2011

Eagle Owl

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The MLS Cup is played tomorrow on 20 November (or actually on Monday morning at 2 AM GMT). I tend to follow the league a bit due to a general interest in the glorious nation of the United States of America, so I guess a topic about the final is appropriate here as well.

The final is held in different cities from year to year, and this time it's back in Carson, CA, which is basically a suburb to Los Angeles. The venue is the home pitch of Los Angeles Galaxy, the team that takes on Houston Dynamo in this interesting match up. The Galaxy is probably the best known MLS team, largely due to David Beckham being their big star alongside US star international Landon Donovan and Ireland's Robbie Keane. During the regular season (which is obviously a build up for the playoffs, typical to North American pro sports) they topped the league all year long finishing first, while the Dynamo finished 5th, so it goes without saying that the Galaxians are the favourites to win the championship.

Personally, I'd like to see Galaxy take it. It would be nice to see Beckham getting something concrete out of his time in the US, and overall they play a decent attacking football with by far the best defence in the league.

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How many points did they win the league by? and what Goal difference etc?

They finished only four points ahead of Seattle, but 14 points ahead of the third placed team RSL.

Edit. Oh, and 48 goals scored and only 28 against them in 34 matches.

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