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My mate Pat Nevin agree's with me over David Luiz - Do you ?


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I have already written tomorrows column and I have flagged up what a difference it made when Sturridge attacked the by line from wide for the first goal.

I totally agree that we do not have width, malouda never goes down the line or even tries to on the other side either.

As for Luiz, he would be my playmaker in central midfield, he is brilliant at everything except being a marker in his own box...so centre back? Not for me.



For me, David Luiz is the most exciting player we have at the moment going forward, of all our current players, whilst Sturridge and Ramires and sometimes Mata, gets my bum of my seat, only Luiz gives me that 'thing' in my belly as wee Pat did in the 80's.

I believe in AVB's current set up he is wasted at Centre Back and if Ivanovic can be considered as an alternative to the inept Bosingwa I and doubley sure Luiz can do the job.

Cahill and Terry for me need to be our Centre Backs and David needs to be roaming forward causing havoc and using his brazialian flair to it's full advantage.

I have added a nostalgic picture of Pat with my son, now 24 and my daughter's with Vinnie in the days we got close to players on family days at the Bridge !

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Cracking pictures Star!.

As for Luiz,he is a dynamo & bloody excting to watch with more than enough flair & vision to play further upfield.

But as he plays in the CB role for the Brazilian national side,unless they are ok for him to switch roles,I suspect it's a bit of a no-hoper.

Which is a bit of a shame really.

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Luiz's passing ability is incredibly rare for a CB. There are only a small handful of CBs in the world that are comparable. As a midfielder, he's suddenly not nearly as special. Not to mention, his defending has been excellent lately and moving him forward with Terry out leaves our central partnership to consist of Cahill and Ivanovic, which I'm not in favor of at all. Ivanovic has been far worse in the middle this year than Luiz. David isn't a fullback and he isn't a midfielder, he's a CB and that's where he belongs. If we start moving him around now, how is he ever going to develop properly and fulfill his enormous upside?

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teh last manc goal was down to luiz not sticking with his man. Poor. He is young and may develop as a CB but I am not sure he has the necessary discipline. Attacking midfielder coupled with Ramires, and Essien/Josh/Mata. Kin 'ell good midfield with options.

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Ivanovic is soo good at RB , he used to be killer at CB , even though he dint like it , he shifted completely to RB , and now he outruns his marker and delivers wonderful balls into the box (QPR , Tottenham , etc)

Criticising Ivanovic for not being a great CB all comes down to the clubs management , so he should be first choice RB in my opinion and he brings stability to the team , which i must say our young fresh new squad does not have (inconsistency in the results)

I would love for David luiz to play at DM , he reads the game perfectly , if the interceptions are made higher up the pitch , he wont be the last man , so even if he commits to early , itll be a good thing , because Mikel barely commits and allows people to run so easily

I wish David and Oriol Romeu to be the 2 DM's and recreate the magic that the likes of Diarra , Essien and Makelele , Ballack used to play in their prime

i also think a 4-2-2-2 formation would suit us perfectly , with Romeu / Ramires , Mata / Studge , Drogs / Torres!

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Luiz has been really solid in 2012. In my opinion the best Chelsea player in this year.He has played good games against Sunderland, Norwich and Chelsea. In all matches he has been a serious candidate for MoM. David Luiz is also in the best eleven squad at whoscored.com.

And what a playmaker need is vision and the ability to read the game. David Luiz is a really good ball-playing-defender, but he hasnt got all the things a good playmaker needs. And why fix something that isn't broken. As I have said: Luiz has been good for us as a CB in this year.

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