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  1. I'm calling it right now...…..... the truth is your real identity is cousin Giacomo's pet donkey Cristina and I claim my five pounds. I'd take a box of matches for Willian though.....
  2. Because he reminds me of an Italian version of Chelsea manager of yesteryear John Neal, perhaps with less hair ………… I'd give him another year That gives my age away!.
  3. On the other hand, he just might be looking for the ball after an attempted cross into the box by Jesper Gronkjaer's grandfather.
  4. It truly is a 'funny old game', roll on 70 odd years & it's the West Ham fans that now need the binoculars. Great pictures by the way.
  5. I wish David all the best 'cos he's now a Chelsea player (err..again) but with his transfer fee first time from Benfica plus Matic, who we eventually brought back for 21 million, I can't help but think he's Chelsea's most expensive player ever. Or in other words, the player who has cost the club the most money to date. Wondering if his time in France has improved his defensive abilities I took a butchers at the 2015-16 French League season. PSG won it with a 31 point gap over the second club and with a rather tight goal difference of plus 83. Oh shirt! . I really do ho
  6. Just very grateful to be staying at the Bridge to be honest.Looks an impressive stadium but a costly one to build with all that brickwork though. Hope the club have more luck with builders than I ever have.
  7. I guess Jose can be a rather demanding taskmaster most of the time,but I feel he only demands what he knows that player can give. I think if he is to stay as our manager that means that Eden cannot stay as a Chelsea player.From what I've seen so far this season,I can't help but think Eden has disappeared up his own chuff somewhat!.Maybe he's listened to to many advisors telling him he's Ronaldo's natural successor at Real Madrid.Either way & it's just my opinion,but unfortunately I think we've seen the best of Eden at Chelsea.Personally, I think Jose is correct if he wants to sell. Sham
  8. Saw Noah with Russell Crowe a while back and found it a bit of a damp squib to be honest.Slow and boring with a lot of religous overtones which I suppose considering the story, was to be kind of expected . Russell Crowe played his usual part & Ray Winstone played his normal role to such an extent I kept on expecting him to offer the latest odds of himself clobbering Noah at 6/1. Also,the Fallen Angels looked like they had spent to long on the bottom of a budgie cage which just looked weird to be honest. Still,if serious films with a heavy religous theme are your bag, then thi
  9. One thing in Nando's defence,that footage would be perfect for a tough 'spot the ball' competition.
  10. You never know mate,as Roman's best pals with Russian President Putin,maybe we sneaked a dodgy secondhand nuke into his luggage before he left!. You can only hope.
  11. Saw '300' again last week and I found it to be an enjoyable film to be honest. But after seeing '300' plus Law Abiding Citizen & Gamer, within a short period, I'm beging to think my missus has a thing for Gerald Butler!. It was made worse when she said after watching '300' that I reminded her of Sparta. Thinking of Butler's six pack I asked why?.............she said like Sparta,I was ancient & my body was in ruin!. Honestly,women can be so cruel.
  12. I would prefer Torres & £10 million for Karim Benzema to be honest with you. Or £20million just to take Torres.
  13. I wonder what are the odds right now that Torres will end up being the Premier League's top goalscorer next season?. Probably on par with Lord Lucan being spotted riding Shergar holding an honest expense's claim from an MP in his hand. But you never know!.......maybe I should put a tenner on it.........or perhaps a fiver.
  14. I think throughout Chelsea's history,we've always had a bit of a yo-yo support. If you look at stats compiled on the various websites,(or from old programmes),you'll see examples of matches in years gone by,of crowds of 60,000 plus,only to be followed the week later by one of 28,000!. Strange I guess but then again,perhaps just part of the unique character of this fantastic football club. Having said that,during the early eighties,things did reach a new low.The club was struggling,football as a whole was struggling & just to be clear,football related aggro was killiing the game
  15. By all accounts,Jose's attention for detail has noted that Nando's form improved somewhat when he was forced to wear a mask to protect his broken hooter!. Working on the theory that the more of Torres face is covered the better he plays,Jose is hoping this little number will do the trick next season!.
  16. The last game I went to at the Bridge was the F.A. youth cup final second leg match against Norwich.A fiver to get in,arranged at short notice,me & the older bruv went along and had a great night,just a shame about the result.Still to be fair, bloody good value though. Even he as a West Ham supporter enjoyed it.(the miserable bugger!). To be honest,we were out sung by the Norwich faithful who fair play to them, brought a fair number along & really got behind their lads.But, apart from the fans memorial wall in the concourse,which was a nice touch, sitting in The Shed was a bit
  17. I'm pretty sure the Spuds lass on the end is Martin Peters with a syrup on.
  18. Cheers lads,I thought it might be Burnley(or Man City,Preston ,Huddersfield etc) but I was convinced it was Derby Co,bloody black & white pictures!. Still can't quite make out the badge though.
  19. Cheers mate,I tried checking late sixties fixtures but without knowing the specific year (or if it's a league or cup game), I still found it impossible to identify them. I tried checking different club crests but none appear to look the same as the one on the keepers shirt. I honestly thought it was Derby County or maybe Burnley?. I guess the team will remain a mystery.
  20. Great pictures these and thanks for posting them. But on this picture with Bobby shooting from close range, try as I might, I just can't make out who the other team are. Just can't quite make out the badge on the goalkeeper's shirt (maybe an old one & no longer used?) and as It's a bit before my time,I don't reconise the slightly out of focus player in the background either. I'd be gratefull if anyone knew who the other team are. Honestly,it's doing my head in.
  21. Jesus,is there enough rozzers in that picture?. Was it triple rate overtime or something?. You're easy to spot Tommy....you're the one with the stripes on his sleeve .
  22. I never really thought to look on youtube because I thought it was just to long ago!.....what a knumbskull. One question though mate, if I found something of interest on these old videos, (apart from the ancient Swedish smut),if ( a big if) I could record it onto a CDR disc & then onto the PC's hard drive,if I posted it on hear, would I break some copyright laws or something?. Cheers.
  23. Cheers for your help BB much, appreciated mate. I agree with you about Mariner plus, I always thought Brian Talbot was a bit of a w**ker to!. As fate would have it and thanks to a leaking water tank,I found the video (Amoungst others) in a large old box up in the attic today. I also found what looks like a few Scandinavian detective films called Swedish 'Private' ( I guess the 'Eye' word was missing from the cover).I'll give them a good bashing later on that's for sure. Still,at least going into that dark,dank,dusty loft full of old tat that hasn't seen the light in years, gave
  24. Cracking picture (from many on this thread) from a day that will always live in the memory. Talking of memories......err, what was I saying? ......oh yeah.If my crusty old grey cells are working correctly,I distinctly remember a firework (possibly a banger) being set off just after Man-with-the Mullet Paul Mariner had given the arse the lead. Or maybe not?. At least I can remember Mariner's mullet. Thing is,I'm 100% sure I have a 'The Big Match' video recording of this game (with the late Brian Moore) doing the commentry that might confirm this (the firework not the mullet)
  25. Thanks for posting that mate as I was at that game. In truth,it was a boring match when (it was shown live on the BBC) in a time live football was first shown on television.......so not much has changed there then!. You can see the difference's between a newly promoted side & one that went on to win the title but,unlike today,the gap wasn't that huge. In fact,the most lively part was when comedy hair cut scouser d**khead John Bailey, squared up to Paul Cannoville with his teammates all around to protect him. Always wondered what he said to Canners to provoke such a reaction
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