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Pansy players....

Mike Carefree

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Ouch. Ive come to the conclusion i should never again use words for our players such as pansy, lazy, or lacking, when they sometimes struggle to play 100% in two matches per week..The reason being is i consider myself quite fit for my age.(but) after a 3 hr session of distributing my business leaflets, 2 days ago,my legs, feet n ankles are making me feel i will never walk normally ever again as im in such discomfort..SEND ME THE PHYSIO

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Meireles gets paid a lot, he should actually stick his foot into a challenge and run about like a headless chicken for the amount he gets paid!

Yeah, that would be much better than getting getting a goal against city, or slamming in a 30 yarder in the FA cup, or wrapping up the game against Benfica to settle our nerves....

I jokingly said that Raul would get my vote for player of the year....of course he is not one of my fav players, but he is nowhere near as bad as some people on here make out.

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