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Chopper meets his match.....


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Thats the guy Val , and just as good looking as his dad .

Its actually his 3rd game Val and he's never been on the end of a defeat so im thinking theres a lucky vibe goin on here .

I reakon you should all have a whip round to get him to every home game for the rest of the season , i'll of course have to accompany him as hes only a kid so maybe a double donation then . I await the outcome .

Free every Sat from now on . icon_mad.gif

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I hvae been to a handfull of games , and I too have never seen us lose....I think you should whip round for me too!

I used to think that (Chelsea never lose with me in the stands, and it never rains). Then Di F**cking Canio came along to cause us to lose 4-2 against the Hammers, and I had to readjust my beliefs to just "it never rains with me in the stands". Needless to say, now it's "the match has never been cancelled with me in the stands" icon_rolleyes.gif

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