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Juventus away - Entry into ground


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Just bought 2 Juventus away tickets and it states on the club website that they put the name on the ticket and will need ID at the turnstiles. Does anyone know if this happens? Any feedback will be much appreciated

I wouldn't worry too much mate, I've heard the same at every Euro away I've been to over the past 15 years or so, never had my ticket checked yet.

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Can't answer your question but you reminded me of how scared I was when I went to Monaco for Champions League semi (without tickets - in the end bought from kids outside the ground) and the Chelsea website said "any Chelsea supporters without official tickets from the club will not be admitted" - walked in nervously, ready to pretend to not speak English (or French!) to find the ground filled with people in the wrong end in the wrong shirts!

Obviously Juventus is a little different! Hope it goes well and you have a good trip - since Monaco I was scarred for life from away games (well that and a proper job getting in the way)

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