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Stupid SD Card related question......

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Sorry guys, I've read around and haven't found much info on this so.......

I've been given a Samsung HMX-F80 HD Camcorder from a mate, but apparently I need an SD card?

Are all SD cards the same? or do I need a specific one?

Rather ask people on here (I trust), rather than random Google results.


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If you want good results from an hd camcorder you should go for a minimum class 6 sdhc card, though if you can afford it go for a class 10 card. The number relates to the mbps data rate, so for hd you need highest you can get. But be careful on capacity, make sure the camcorder can take the size you want to get, some can't handle anything above 32gb. The make doesn't really matter too much, thougn I always stick with either sandisk or kingston.

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^ Basically what dkw said.


Just to add... You'll definitely want a class 10 card. I personally wouldn't get anything else. Don't get anything over a 32GB card like mentioned. I would also add Transcend to the list of acceptable card manufacturers even though most are fine. I use Transcend exclusively and haven't had any issues.

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