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I'm new to The Shed End and I want to say I have finally found a place where I can talk and read about Chelsea FC all I want!


Anyway, I thought I would start my first thread here with a question that has been on my mind.


I understand that CFC is going to sign Schurrle, but do we really need another winger? We already have numerous players that can play in the position such as Hazard, Oscar, Moses, Marin, and even Mata if needed. I also do not think that Schurrle is enough for us to let go of KDB. I know that he can play in numerous attacking positions but KDB can also do the same. KDB has proven himself this season to play for us.




P.s Sorry if there has been a post about this already or if it's in the wrong area.

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Welcome aboard, mate. FYI, you should always look for existing threads before deciding to create a new one.


Edit: I'm guilty of doing it myself, however I was only taking the piss. By the way, the Schurrle thread is in the Rumors section of the site.

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We shouldn't be signing him or anyone else, because KDB was really good last season and thus next season can play at every position on the pitch and will most likely win the ballon d'or, in fact we may as well sell all the players we currently have to make room for him.

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