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Which NAS to get

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Hey peeps


I need some help on which NAS I should get

I want to use it for media storage which could be accessed by multiple users (preferably at the same time)

It will need to have good remote access (hopefully something easy) but do not want to install too much bloatware

I want to connect to it using Android and Win 8


If I could also backup content to it, that would be an added bonus


I currently have a Apple Time Capsule which was my brother's but I do not even have a Mac and not a fan of it (and Apple) in general

So I want a NAS to replace this


Any advice would be greatly appreciated


P.S if there is a better alternative to NAS please let me know (I am on a tight budget though)

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I've a western digital one, easy to set up and use, even has an app for your phone or tablet. Got mine set up as raid too.

What's the remote access like?

Is it through the app?

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