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  1. £22 quid for Unity (PS4) http://www.johnlewis.com/assassin's-creed-unity-ps4/p1769231?s_afcid=af_47868&awc=1203_1420562859_9c1f4a71280f0c62ac5291d67e3e1946
  2. Close to signing a new contract (200k/week) Unbelievable signings/dealings this year Thank you Jose
  3. I'm sure it's meant to be more of a multi player sort of thing Survival would just get out right tedious Still not my type of game
  4. Sounds awesome I've watched LOTR but never been a die hard fan of it Will that be a problem if I was to purchase it?
  5. Basically you get like 40 packs for the game mode "Ultimate Team" If you don't play Ultimate Team (or even if you do), don't buy it Just get the standard edition
  6. Hardly anything will beat the original Pokemon series :(
  7. The best story line game (imo) will always be the Metal Gear Solid series They were way ahead of its years and the stealth game mode will always be awesome
  8. Was wondering where we are at when it comes to UCL squad registration Are we short on home grown players? Do we have too many foreign players providing we buy Remy (or any other ST as replacement for Torres)? If so, will we have to sell somebody (most likely Cech as we technically have 4 GK)? Never been too good with this area, only in Football Manager do I have any sense how this rule works
  9. Sorry my bad Don't really read the rumour thread
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/28951784 Definitely more than a rumour (thank god) Was wondering though, who could we get on such a short notice? Costa as main ST with Drogba on bench rumours are Boro want Bamford on loan We would need another ST Thinking Remy could be another Anelka signing and for the price it wouldn't be much of a risk
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