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TT Tips (Man City away)


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Simplest way of working it out is to multiply the bet by the first number and divide that answer by the 2nd number.


?200 on win @ 1/2 - if we win then TT wins ?200 multiplied by 1 and then divided by 2 = ?100 (plus you get your ?200 stake back.

It is a bit easier to show if there isn't a '1' in the odds.

i.e. if it was ?100 at 5/2 then you would win ?100 multiplied by 5 then divided by 2 = ?250 (plus you get your ?100 stake back)

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moose, in time you will learn that TT isn't actually a person, but in fact a highly complex computer programme designed to win any game it chooses.

Currently dating Alice, much to Cloakey's chagrin

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