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Graham Poll....again!


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Alan Pardew has admitted that at HT in the game last night he spoke to Poll and asked him to give him a signal if one of his players was close to being red carded so that he could sub him first. Sure enough in that 2nd half Poll gave him the signal and the swap was made.

Jeff Winter was interviewed about it on the radio and basically said that nothing will happen to Poll because he is above the law when it comes to his behaviour on the pitch. No sh*t Sherlock, there are tens of thousands of Chelsea fans who have been saying that for a long long time.

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Take a deep breath - I have it on good authority (namely a relative of mine who plays football with his son) that Graham Poll is a Chelsea supporter. Naturally he's obliged to hide his allegiance because of his position as an .. ahem ... top referee. Seems obvious to me that when he ref's our matches, he goes out of his way to prove to all and sundry that he is anything BUT a Chelsea supporter. All makes sense now, doesn't it.

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I'm not having that!!!!!!

His son has clearly been primed by his old man to say that to cover his tracks!!! He's a gooner - shout it from your rooftop Lofty!!

Trust me, he's a Chelsea fan. I wish to hell he wasn't but what can you do?

I'm off to find a rooftop

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Here is the story

http://home.skysports.com/list.aspx?hli ... 's+praises

"He sent me that signal so Alex had to come off.

"Alex made an undisciplined challenge which put himself under pressure. He needs to learn from that but he was brilliant at times.

"It was full credit to Graham. That's the sort of refereeing you need. Nobody wants to see a team go down to 10 men and I think he did the right thing.

"If there was more of that communication between us and the referees, we would see far fewer incidents on the pitch.

"I knew Graham was under pressure so I said to him 'If Song makes another challenge you are unhappy about - and I can't do nothing if it's a bad one and he's got to go - but if he is making silly ones and the next one is going to be it then let me know'.

"I think that is within the laws of the game."


What a s**te !!! And how about a referee making signals to strikers to show his own wiligness to give penalties.

Cr.Ronaldo: "Ref, can I dive today?"

Ref: "Cristy! You know the dives are making bad reputation for you"

CR: "F**k reputation! We must hold the gap, we need a result... So, what about diving??"

Ref: "I don`t know yet. But if I accept that I`ll give a signal"

Post match:

CR:"It was full credit to ref.He sent me that signal. That's the sort of refereeing you need. Nobody wants to see a team go down to 10 men and I think he did the right thing. "

Funnily enough... icon_razz.gif

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