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  1. me too I saw him walk up and thought 'we're 10 seconds from winning the trophy'.
  2. not only do i keep watching but am still getting nervous at 87' that we'll run out of time!
  3. the game is back on again here on Fox Soccer so I'm re-watching. Oh and Chelsea are now playing in Miami in July so ordered tix before today's game. Glad I did because it will sell out for sure.
  4. props to the supporters of other teams who have signed up to our forum to congratulate us - gentlemen and scholars all of you.
  5. pinch me I'm dreaming. We won it in my lifetime!! OMG happy day
  6. going to watch at my local, an English pub brought over and rebuilt here in Delray Beach, Florida, owned by a scouser (made the Cup Final even more fun) but it's a Chelsea pub. Getting nervous but quietly confident.
  7. great band I just discovered Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. He was in Drive By Truckers before going it alone.
  8. I finally saw Fargo, always meant to and it was on TV sunday. Great movie very weird and slow but it a good way.
  9. saw Jimmy Buffett last night - he really knows how to have fun, it was awesome.
  10. The Black Swan which was pretty distressing/depressing. 127 hours - not bad for a movie that is really just on one actor
  11. of course - this is redneck country - we love CM down south
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