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Crazy day!!


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Woke up this morning.

Made a cup of tea in my boxers...........The whole flat shook for about 3-4 seconds,I fell on the floor.

Dragged my girlfriend out of bed..........ran downstairs in complete panic.

It was scary.........Really scary!!!!


Went to the football anyway and heard that it was an Earthquake!

And after that game.......

I finally find out that the bloke,who has been standing 3 places along from me (in gate 14)

for the last 3-4 years is in-fact....... Just!

How didn't I know that???

What a day!!

Roll on a peaceful Sunday 128.gif

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That earthquake must have come as a bit of a surprise, Glory! icon_lol.gif

Watched the news last night, and most of the locals initially thought that the Channel Tunnel had been bombed. I'm not that far from you in Folkestone, but I don't remember any tremors - might have been different if I'd had a curry on Friday night though icon_wink.gif

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Honest,it shook the whole building....I thought the building was falling apart!

We all thought the Tunnel might have gone up as well (imagine that) but because we had no power,I had no idea what had happened!

Had to sit in my van listening to the radio to find out what had happened.

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