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T*tt*nh*m, Ars*n*l, Leeds, Mancs, Scouse


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I've moved this from here because it's something that interests me.

And perhaps also accept there is a difference between Liverfool fans and scousers.

And let's be honest on the hate stakes fools ain't nowhere near leeds, manure, spuds and gooners.

Not for me Tim.

They are number one for me these days , i hate those bar stewards. Self righteous hypocritical tossers.

And i wouldve said the same 48 hours ago.

Anyway , good stuff Dorset.

Got to think about this one. Let's look at the other four first.

T*tt*nh*m: goes all the way back. London rivalry, North v W and SW is just part of it. There was Greavesy ending up at WHL, the '67 final and any number of encounters since, both on and off the pitch.

The Arse:A more intense rivalry than of old perhaps, or at least that's how it seems to me. But then I used to know a lot of Arse fans, there was this bloke little Donald and his mob - last I heard, years ago he'd become a Cockney Red, shows you can never tell. But anyway. Nowadays, they get so self-righteous about their oh so lovely to watch style of play that never wins any bloody thing. And Wenger can shoot his idiot mouth off about whatever he likes. And so on. It seems all too easy for that lot to forget their own history; all that "1-0 to the Arsenal" stuff. the George Graham era, when Lucky Arsenal was a truly deserved tag.

Leeds: Truly obnoxious supporters. I've made my position clear elsewhere about that lot. And with Leeds it also went a bit further. The '70 Cup Final had something to do with it but even without that, our players of that era hated their players of that era, not to mention Don bloody Revie.

The Mancs: Cockney Reds alone are reason enough to hate that lot. People say it was just jealousy because of their success. No chance. They were hated and despised all through the '70s and '80s when they were winning sweet f.a. Even when they went down to the old second division, they were hated and despised.

A common thread there? History. We hate them, they hate us. And it's been going on for years. But Scousers? Well we can't say we ever got on with them, and yes there was trouble at games involving the two clubs, but there was none of the rabid stream of abuse that nowadays emanates from so many LFC supporters towards every aspect of Chelsea FC; the players, ground, manager, owner, fans - you name it they'll have a go at it. So why could that be, I ask myself. Jealousy? Maybe a touch of that but, no I think the main reason is pure and simple fear. Fear that they will never ever be Premiership Champions. That the Mancs and ourselves will be the main contenders for the foreseeable future. And that's also why they constantly harp on and on about their precious European history - even though we actually won a European trophy before they ever did, but I digress - this constant emphasis is merely a device to disguise the inadequacy of their performances in the Premier League. The poor f*ckers are sh*tting themselves!!!!!! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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you even change the name and still no-ones interested!! 247.gif

Or perhaps that's because I've summed up the situation so amazingly brilliantly that nobody's got anything to add? Well it's possible ... oh and I don't hear you arguing with my ever so perfectly spot-on and then some summarisationifation of the situation


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I know as a chelsea lad its my duty to hate Spurs and Leeds and hate them i do.

But there is just something about the shirtburners right now i simply cannot stand. They are utterley obnoxious people. Maybe im judging my summarization from all the Liverppool fans i grew up with who have never been within 100 yards of anfield and all the 'martin from chelmsfords' on talksport but they seem to be so much worse than ANYONE else these days and Lofty your summing up may be right - after all they didnt hate when we didnt win things did they ? Funny that.

I guess at this point i should just come out and admit i basically dont like anyone who isnt chelsea (rangers apart).

Ive also got special hatred reserved for Birmingham City, West Ham and Gillingham (its a long story)

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Perhaps it's an age thing - to me Leeds will always be the number one hate object - even Wisey has also gone down a peg or two in my book by going there, (a jobs ajob but...) the only way he could redeam himself is by talking them down and then leaving with a smile on his face (Poyet can stay there for all I care). As for old birdseye - Leeds and Bates were a pair made in heaven.

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