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The best fans you probably never heard of

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After I learned that Chelsea's first match of the new PL season was sold out I took the time to find some nice footages of some nice fans that are maybe not that known. In Argentina the most famous clubs are Boca Juniors and River Plate and their fans are well known to be some of the most passionate in the whole world, so much passionate that their final match in Copa Libertadores in 2018 couldn't be held in Argentina but was instead held in Santiago Bernabeu in which River Plate won the Copa Libertadores that year.

The fans I wanted to show are from a club called San Lorenzo that is also from Buenos Aires and that is considered to be among the top 5 clubs in Argentina.


This is a nice report about the club:


A real football celebration ahead of the Copa Libertadores final in 2014:


The fans:





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