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Another Scouser to add to the top of your hate list


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This person's name is David Kelly. He's an Everton supporter.

Taken from his web site. Read and feel the urge to kill:

Despite his great skill, a cynical over- the-top man who wouldn't turn a hair at the thought of ending a career or two.

We know strikers have to look after themselves but there's a limit.

Now he's a Mr 'butter-wouldn't-melt' pundit who has the cheek to criticise 'unacceptable' challenges from modern-day players.

And who's he talking about?

[spoil]Peter Osgood[/spoil]

The others are easier to guess at.

Seven-foot-six in his stockinged feet, he looked, and played like Frankenstein's monster.

Slower than his family tortoise.

Those sad Chelsea bar stewards actually RATED him!!


[spoil]Mickey Droy[/spoil]

His talented brother was an arch-poseur, in other words a typical cocky cockney.

G*****, knowing he wasn't in the same class as his 'big bravver' became an even bigger poser.

How I hated the way he always had to have the white elastic bow on the front of his poncey shorts showing.

...And that blonde (bottle) feathered haircut...aagghh!!

[spoil]Graham Wilkins[/spoil]

How I loathe the Cockney barrow-boy; that hideous cheeky-chappy grin, those teeth which have been known to 'playfully' bite an opponent and those other equally offensive parts of his body which have all London Cabbies 'putting their foot down' if they spot him trying to flag them down.

We can only hope that someone like Gravesen will put his foot down on delightful D*****'s skull when they meet shortly.

[spoil]Dennis Wise[/spoil]

The second and fourth are fairly understandable, they were both the kind of players you love when they're playing for your own side but hate when they play for anyone else. The third though is more of a mystery to me. I mean the bloke was never that good, admittedly, but hardly warrants inclusion on anyone's all-time most-hated list. And as for the first - what this scumbag says about him fills me with the urge to put one of my steel-plated (specially bought for the occasion) size 12s down on his stinking scouse skull.

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Typical f*ckin' scouse w*nker, really w**k2.gif

The first one: - OK, I'll admit that he could look after himself, but it was a case of having to in those days - especially when playing against the likes of Leeds or Everton

The second one: - We rated him because he gave his all for Chelsea every time he pulled the blue shirt on, and never ever gave less than 100%

The third one: - I kind of agree with the scouse tw*t on this one icon_lol.gif

The fourth one: - I can understand why he hates #4, most non-Chelsea fans did. But to imply that Graveson is a hard-man is laughable icon_lol.gif

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But to imply that Graveson is a hard-man is laughable icon_lol.gif

That was the most comical moment - Sharon Wood would have fancied his chances against Gravesen, Dennis would have slapped him in the chops and had the audacity to ask his missus for a soapie before Gravesen had realised which direction the slap came from.

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