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Chelsea win litigation


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It doesn't stop them though does it Bluenut. The paper can issue an apology as much as it likes, it doesn't change the fact that they shifted umpteen copies of their rag with an attention grabbing headline - they don't have give the money back to all the people that bought it on the grounds of false statements.

I don't think the club is going far enough and I don't think the law goes far enough.

It is insufficient to allow a paper to simply print an apology. They should have to pay damages to the wronged party and those damages should be based on a punitive system whereby the level of damages awarded are calculated so as to have a material impact on the guilty. i.e. when the Daily Mail or whoever it maybe print a made up story then the fine shouldn't be ?50k (or whatever it normally is these days) as that does not serve as a deterrent - it should be in the millions and it should be in the millions for every offence.

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Yes well said Loz, it's annoying that the papers can print lies & untruths (but unfortunately that is life in this present climate) and then a week later stick a small apology hidden on page 39 and everything is therefore Ok, with the damage already well and truely done!!

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I know is doesn't stop them, just nice to see the club doing something other than sitting on their hands!

I doubt they'll do any more than ask for an apology as PK's job is to keep us in the papers, there's no such thing as bad press 'n all that.....

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Assuming this quote is accurate:

It went on, "This was following full co-operation from Chelsea FC with the enquiry. We apologise to all concerned at Chelsea for this error."

it's typical that the Mirror doesn't know the difference between an enquiry (= a question) and an inquiry (= an investigation).

What riled me was the way Chelsea's name was dragged through the mud over this business - given far more prominnece than any other party - even in papers that stated we had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Par for the course for our disgracefully slanted media, I suppose.

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