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Oh look, its a poll... and its about our manager


Would you get rid of Jose and if so who would you replace him with?  

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    • Yes get rid
    • No, keep him in charge

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Given the debates in the Jose sacked thread and the thread and the oh get a grip thread i fealt it was time ask the question, hell we asked it a million times over when cr was in charge.

This is about wether you think roman is about to do it?

Its if you were running the club would you get rid? wether it be for the fact you dont like our playing style or if you just dont think Jose's all he's cracked up to be.

Also who would you replace him with because for example if your thinking cappelo's availible his brand of football is almost a carbon copy of Jose's.

Its all very easy to say we need a new man but is there actually any one out there that can do a better job?

Me, Im voting no because i truly believe that Jose is still the best man for the job and the good football will come. But it wont always be the beatifull game. Some times you have to win ugly and in modern football where the relagation has become a finacial rock football has become more about not loosing than winning thus why teams make it hard by trying to stop us playing rather than focusing on playing football them selves.

I dont think there is another manager alive that could have achieved what jose did last season.

I have also watched united's games this season and they are supposed to be the great entertainers but i never have and nor do i now buy in to that myth. They have struggled for ideas with out ronnaldo and even with him at reading.

Grass is always greener on the other side but most of the time its just the way the sun shineing on it.

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No way, we really need to look to build consistancy, dare I say it. We need a Fergie or a Wenger, a long term manager at Chelsea would be great !

Jose to stay as long as he wants to, through success or not, through boring or exciting football (he is capable fo both!)

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