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An Open Letter To Avram Grant


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We know you have been thrown reluctantly into the cauldron. But do not expect a Daniel experience among the lions.

Since you are the new Gaffer, you must shoulder all the heavy responsibilities expected as a Chelsea manager.

These days, Chelsea fans like me have high expectation, not just because of what Mourinho had done. We have the financial resources to get the best in everything - players, trainers, club facilities and maintenance etc.

We saw what Mourinho had done for us by giving us our prolonged orgasm over 2 successive seasons when we waited

past 50 cold winters for that elusive crown of beyond the "first of the last". We were expecting to wrestle it from Manure again until you come along.

So do not think you have won over us because of Spain. Injuries and suspension aside, you need to prove to us that we can continue to challenge for the crown, week in, week out. Not with forlorn face when we were 2-0 down at Old Trafford, or the stoic look at the weekend London derby draw.

Where's your passion when an older Alex ferguson could jump and punch the air when his team scores? Or are you so lost in the psychological battle in your mind in a world of not knowing what to do that is resurfaced in your expression?

With all due respect to your character and idiosyncracies, please at least give us confidence that you can really do that tough job. Otherwise, you are always welcome to vacate the Gaffer seat.

We have not taken to you but that does not mean that we do not support you ( because all blue fans support everyone for the cause on the pitch), but patience is wearing thin with the recent performance on the pitch.

Please get us that victory at the Reebok Stadium because we are losing too much ground to Arse, Manure and even Man City.

Otherwise, you shall be hearing from me again

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some how i do not think he thinks that he has won the fans round because of the result against valencia

why dont you give the bloke some credit, it was a good win and since then he has merely suggested that the players can use it has a launch pad for this season

what is with the

but patience is wearing thin with the recent performance on the pitch.

he has had 4 matches has manager and lost 1 against man united in his very first game and really we were robbed of a point but we played sh*te so no complaints

just give him a chance, all managers need to start somewhere and he started coaching at 18 so he isnt new to all this and can win titles. he has a track record of it

and also please stop chatting utter sh*te as well

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Where's your passion when an older Alex ferguson could jump and punch the air when his team scores?

It's a fair point - it is a well known fact that football games are won by the manager with the best fist pumping action.

Listen in Avram.

We want a lot more of this


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