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XFactor (yes you can put me down now Clubhappy)


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Against all my better opinions I have just sat through an entire episode of X Factor (one of those 'has a visitor who wanted to watch it and it was too rude to say 'bugger off' moments) and although I stand by everything I have ever said about it before (all of which were far from complimentary) I have to admit that that fella with the white hair is an exceptional singer. Granted he is only being compared to a host of half decent pub singers but as much as I wanted to hate everything about the show I had to grudgingly admit he was good.

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Agree , he's a good singer but wheres the X factor . He'll appeal to mums and dads but not the teenage market . I can hardly see young teenage girls drooling over him . Best singer so far has been a black girl , she sang 'Im every woman' superbly last week but still got booted .

The show has really gotten tired now , especially with that vile human being Walsh .

Ok , so now you know i watch it , i have visitors every saturday too [ cough cough ].

RTE have their own version called ''Your a Star'' it's f**king shocking .

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Ha ha - All I need now is a copy of your mobile phone bill to see how many votes you cast.

I take it the black girl you are talking about is the one Walsh was moaning about getting kicked off?

The whole thing is such scripted pantomime.

'OK Louis you insult Danni's sinigng ability this week and follow it up by saying 'Woh Woh Woh' and stirring up the crowd.'

'Danni, you laugh it off but 10 minutes later call him a bitter man'

'Sharon - you just be a little manic from time to time, pretend you have had a few drinks before coming on'

'Simon - pull that face tghat lets everyone know you've just raked in another £million'

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