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Franco Di Santo's immediate impact


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does anyone expect him to be slotted into the first team right away, or will he be more of a reserve?

i only know what i read about his current squad and the Chilean league on the internet, and it appears that his team (Audux Italiano) is one of the best squads in the league, and di Santo is their starting #9 striker who scored 8 goals in the 21 games of the Clausera and the Sudamericana. this being his second year with the first team, is this good enough to then step into the toughest, quickest and most physical league on the planet?

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I seriously doubt that he'll play much for the first team this season (if we sign him at all) but I would hope that he gets some action in the FA cup or the Carling Cup. Especially now when Drogba is out.

But who knows, maybe he'll get to be on the bench in the league and maybe he'll even get to play. If we play 4-4-2 with Pizzaman and Sheva then he could come on if needed. We don't have that many strikers at the moment (only three if I'm not mistaking).

Will he have an impact if he gets to play? Only time will tell but I would be surprised if he came on and changed everything. I don't know how strong the league in Chile is but I doubt it's top class. Being a star there isn't the same as being a star in England.

On the other hand the russian league isn't exactly the best in the world and we've seen some fine players come from there. And let's not forget Sheva from Ukraine to Italy.

I hope he can be a success. happy0034.gif

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Well given that I know absolutely nothing about him other than he is big and, as with a multitude of other kids, is tipped for greatness I can't really say whether I think he will make an impact. I would like to think Sinclair would be given a chance before Santo given that he has served his time in England for longer and has shown glimpses of being able to make the step up to first team duty. If Santo was to come in and instantly be above Sinclair in the pecking order then I think Scott should be looking for a move pretty pronto.

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Personally, I don't see sinclair and Santos competing with each other. Isee Sinclair competing with Sweepy, Cole, and a fit malouda. Santos will compete against Pizzaman and Kalou (this is merely an opinion based on knowing absolutely very little about santos!

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