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Rafa gets "vote of confidence" and $350 million

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Link to the story here, but the Liverpool owners are talking about how much they are fully committed to Rafa. seemingly they have also refinanced 350 million...but they'll never buy their f*cking rat munching history!

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This makes me happy, they will not play in Europe next year icon_lol.gif But how stupid can you be?! Grant, who didn't have any major managing roles in his career, has done much much better (with a injury crippeled squad and a team that only had as major signing Malouda) then the fat one has with all his key players. Those idiots at Anfield will probably see last nights game as a key victory and a great display of football.

And people are still complaining that we bought the league two years in the row?! 350$ million dollars, I can't wait to see how his failure will turn out. Money dosen't win championships, good management and great team play does.

(I would love to post my profound thoughts, but I'm too well educated for that, and I'll probably get banned icon_wink.gif )

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