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  1. We had an option to buy back, but I believe it expired either last season or the season before.
  2. I didn't follow the cup, so that's really good news for us and a bit of a surprise considering how good they were in the last few international competitions.
  3. I'm happy for him and he really made the RWB position his own - however, looking back at the last two games, I still think he has room for improvement on his awareness. During the Spurs game, in the first half, he seemed to be pinned down and really did not know when to go up and when to stay back to help out. During the City game, I think he got exposed defensively on few occasions, where Luiz and Azpi had to cover for him. He will probably only get better as the season progresses as he is new to the role. One thing that would need to be addressed soon (same for Alsono on the other) who is his replacement. He will be leaving for the ACON soon and right now, apart from an inexperienced Aina, we don't have anyone to really take over that position. I know that Conte has used Ivanovic as a sub in the last few games, but his complete lack of pace and ability to cross the ball showed that he could not really deployed in that position. The possible short term solution would be to bring Zouma into the side and give Azpi a few games as a RWB.
  4. The problem is that Baba had enough playing time last year with the first team squad to show what he was capable off, and honestly I don't think he impressed anyone. He could have one or two good runs up the pitch, but he was always susceptible to losing the ball in attack and in defense he was a liability. Unless he improves over the course of the year, I don't see him as being the back-up to Alonso.
  5. I think it's also the state of the market when it comes to defenders. We could probably find an alternate option if we looked for a more inexperienced player that would need some grooming (like Zouma at the time) or a player that would be seen as a risk (that's how we got Azpi), however ready made defenders that are playing for clubs that are ready to sell are very few.
  6. It's pretty annoying that no one ever looks at our past track records regarding signing new players. There are a few leaks here and there, but we've been usually pretty secretive about our transfers until the contract with the player is signed (I know there were a few exceptions).
  7. Correct, and doing a search on him, he seems to be involved in a few fiascoes regarding transfers. On the plus side, he helped ship out Ramires.
  8. Hey! Don't laugh at the quality of the NASL. Last weekend I had the honour of seeing Alessandro Nesta bring in William Palacios as an impact sub against my Ottawa Fury
  9. Joe Cole has signed with the Tampa Bay Rowdies. I get to see a former Chelsea player play against my hometown team http://www.espn.co.uk/football/soccer-transfers/story/2834955/tampa-bay-rowdies-offer-joe-cole-deal-source
  10. Gutted to hear the news, but if they're saying that he'll be sidelined for 6 months, than I'm optimistic about his recovery time and possible mobility afterwards.
  11. I believe he had a good game considering that he has limited game time with the first team. He needs to work on his physical presence, but technically he is a very good player. Like someone mentioned previously, he has that nonchalant style that Ballack had. He's not running too much, but he seems to be in the right areas to receive and distribute the ball.
  12. I would be sad to see if go for good. He's shown great potential when he came in, but that injury completely derailed his role in the team.
  13. Disappointing news, but I can't really say that I'm surprised. I'm actually more surprised that the board did not pull the trigger a few weeks ago. As much as I appreciate Jose and the works he's done for the club, I don't think things were going well since the last third of last season. Jose is a great manager, but at the same time I still don't understand why he did not bring changes to the squad and formation when necessary. At the end of last season, lower end teams learned how to play against us and everyone seems to have adapted, yet we see little changes to the rotation or our approach. I put some blame on the board for not bringing new players this summer, but at the same time some blame has to be put on Jose with his squad selections and lack of rotation. The best example is probably our RB and LB issues. Ivanovic had been found wanting for quite some time now and yet Luis could not get a sniff at a starting role without either Ivanovic or Azpi being injured (even that would sometime lead to Zouma covering in that role).
  14. Pretty good game from the Impact overall and it really showed that the team was missing a real striker to produce. Drogba filled and exceeded the legacy that Di Vaio left. However, Drogba is bringing Montreal to another level on the business and support side of things as well. Which is really good for the Impact, the city and football in Canada as a whole. Sad to see Michael Bradley and Giovinco being out so quickly, both players carried Toronto this year. Too bad that only this year did Toronto's management decide to do intelligent investments to produce.
  15. 2 more goals from Drogba for Montréal, he can't be stopped :D

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