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  1. Plavi26

    Poll on the Ox

    I voted middle. He's a decent player, but I think it will take him a few months to acclimatize to our system and way of playing - however, like with Moses, I think Conte could make him a better player. I honestly don't expect him to have a good number of minutes in the first few months with the club.
  2. Plavi26

    Random Rumours

    We had an option to buy back, but I believe it expired either last season or the season before.
  3. My brother follows Juventus and he says we should not be too worried about the score in pre-season. Apparently the pre-season training regime under Conte is brutal and until match fitness is completely regained by the players, results are usually pretty bad at the start due to exhaustion.
  4. As long as he can score from the opportunities, I have no issues with this. The problem with Torres was that he could not finish even on the easiest of changes for us. His movement was never really that much of an issue.
  5. Plavi26

    Ryan Mason

    As much as I don't like their article, I think he might have been fighting for his life initially. This seems to be a similar injury as the one Cech suffered. I hope Mason recovers without any problems and we can see him back on the pitch.
  6. Ivan will be paired with Costa in a 3-5-2
  7. Plavi26

    Victor Moses

    I didn't follow the cup, so that's really good news for us and a bit of a surprise considering how good they were in the last few international competitions.
  8. Plavi26

    Victor Moses

    I'm happy for him and he really made the RWB position his own - however, looking back at the last two games, I still think he has room for improvement on his awareness. During the Spurs game, in the first half, he seemed to be pinned down and really did not know when to go up and when to stay back to help out. During the City game, I think he got exposed defensively on few occasions, where Luiz and Azpi had to cover for him. He will probably only get better as the season progresses as he is new to the role. One thing that would need to be addressed soon (same for Alsono on the other) who is his replacement. He will be leaving for the ACON soon and right now, apart from an inexperienced Aina, we don't have anyone to really take over that position. I know that Conte has used Ivanovic as a sub in the last few games, but his complete lack of pace and ability to cross the ball showed that he could not really deployed in that position. The possible short term solution would be to bring Zouma into the side and give Azpi a few games as a RWB.
  9. Plavi26

    Chelsea paid hush money allegations

    I think in general, it's a good thing that these stories are being brought to light. I hope the victim can get some closure in this whole story. However, one thing that I don't understand, if Johnson went to the club and wanted an investigation or a recognition of the issue, shouldn't he have had a legal representative as recommended to him by the PFA? Also, why didn't the police or the PFA alert the FA themselves before Johnson went to Chelsea? I hope our legal team gets investigated over this whole procedure, because the club would not have an issue right now if they would have not made any payments. Also, I hope the FA defines a clear legal process for both the victim and the club for this type of issue.
  10. Plavi26

    Marcos Alonso

    The problem is that Baba had enough playing time last year with the first team squad to show what he was capable off, and honestly I don't think he impressed anyone. He could have one or two good runs up the pitch, but he was always susceptible to losing the ball in attack and in defense he was a liability. Unless he improves over the course of the year, I don't see him as being the back-up to Alonso.
  11. Plavi26

    Kalidou Koulibaly

    I think it's also the state of the market when it comes to defenders. We could probably find an alternate option if we looked for a more inexperienced player that would need some grooming (like Zouma at the time) or a player that would be seen as a risk (that's how we got Azpi), however ready made defenders that are playing for clubs that are ready to sell are very few.
  12. Plavi26

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2016/2017

    For that amount of money, I don't think Juventus will be too worried about his loyalty. They can buy a good number of replacements to cover his departure - one can hope that they will finally buy Cuardrado and Oscar
  13. Plavi26

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2016/2017

    What annoys about United supporters the most is that many of them mention that we bought the league due to RA financing, yet everybody seems to glance over the amount they have spent in the last two transfer windows and that number will only rise by the end of this window.
  14. Plavi26

    Random Rumours

    It's pretty annoying that no one ever looks at our past track records regarding signing new players. There are a few leaks here and there, but we've been usually pretty secretive about our transfers until the contract with the player is signed (I know there were a few exceptions).
  15. Plavi26

    Random Rumours

    Correct, and doing a search on him, he seems to be involved in a few fiascoes regarding transfers. On the plus side, he helped ship out Ramires.