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Evening w/ Kerry & Speedie or Golf w/ Chopper, The Cat, etc

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Folks - I have been contacted and asked if I want to promote this on here. 99% of the time I reject these requests as they are usually advertising junk however this one I am allowing as I am pretty sure they are events that will interest some people on here.

These are all events being laid on by our good chums over at cfcnet so if you are genuinely interested in any of them please contact them directly via

tobybrown@cfcnet.co.uk or events@cfcnet.co.uk



An evening with Kerry and Speedie

Exactly what it says on the tin. Held near Stamford Bridge in either the So Bar, Butchers Hook or La Reserve, the evening will start around 7pm and will be limited to 100 people. Kerry and Speedie will be on stage taking questions from the crowd and telling stories for about an hour max, or until questions are all out, and then they will circulate for the rest of the night amongst the guests, chatting and signing stuff. A professional photographer will be on hand to picture you with Kerry and Speedie, and the picture will be available for you to download soon after.

Tickets will be £25 each and place are strictly limited to 100.

A golf day with Chopper, The Cat, Bobby Tambling and more 70's Legends

You will be in teams of four spending a whole day at a luxury golf course, playing rounds with some of the finest players every to grace the pitch at Stamford Bridge. There will be reception drinks afterwards and food also provided, a compere and comedian will also be in attendance to entertain you all and the Legends will be circulating and chatting with you all, and signing anything you wish. A professional photographer will be on hand to picture you with the legends and the picture will be available for you to download soon after.

Tickets are £275 for a team of four, and places are limited to ten teams.

Spend a day Living As A Professional Footballer.

Get up early and head to the training ground where you will find your personalised kit and water bottles, head out for a warm up with a whole host of ex-pros, go though a training session and then break for a while to talk over the session and asses/guide your game. A match will be played afterwards with an ex-pro in your team and will finish with a buffet, drinks, trophy presentation and professional analysis of the match afterwards.

Ticket costs vary and numbers too, depending on requirements. These can be run any day, including match days where match tickets can be included. They can also be run as a pre-cursor to the 'an evening with' events, so you will be able to experience a whole day living and socialising with Chelsea legends. During the close season, matches and training can also be held on the Stamford Bridge pitch.

If interested in any of the above, please email me. The evening with is happening late March, early April, with the Golf day on the 17th April. All dates will be confirmed within a week. We can discuss anything for the 'day like a pro' as you need to as these are not date intensive.

If interested then drop me an email; tobybrown@cfcnet.co.uk

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Now that I have sorted out a few formalities I can announce that The Shed End received a couple of complimentary tickets for the Dixon/Speedie evening and that I have decided to pass these on to Just and Geezer who I know will love the chance to chinwag with these two Chelsea legends.

Hopefully we will see a few more freebies coming our way as the site gets larger and larger and when we do I will be sure to pass them on accordingly.

Get a few photos lads!!

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used to teach a bloke golf who had played with Chopper (or that should be against, during his ime at west ham) and he offered me the chance to play with some of the old boys at Chelsea....never happened, but this bloke siad tht they were fun days out...if anyone is interested

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