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Reserving Judgement On Avram


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Ladies and gentleman of the jury, you have now seen and heard all of the evidence….err no, wait a moment, I am now informed that this is not so. Learned Counsel for the Defence informs me that there are still Premier and Champions League games to be witnessed, followed by the introduction of fresh players in the summer, who may well alter your decision on the defendant’s guilt or innocence, dependent, of course, upon whether or not they turn out to be character witnesses for the Defence or Prosecution.

Furthermore, there is every likelihood that appeals will then be made for this Court to see a full season of fixtures before the jury is out, let alone back in, and a verdict given. With the precedent already set in Re: Keegan (1995-2008) I have no alternative but to grant Grant bail until such time as we reconvene, thereby upholding the interests of fair play as well as having due regard to the principle that defendants are always innocent until proved guilty, somehow, somewhere, some when. This Court (and related topics) are therefore adjourned until May 2009, pending further evidence…or some other form of divine intervention.

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Prosecution Counsel: Your Honour (addressing Justice Ambramovich), with respect, the prosecution does not cavil with that decision for such an adjournment albeit that it reserves its right to present fresh evidence, if need be, when the matter is reconvened. Perhaps this would also be an appropriate time for the prosecution to submit that it has had concerns and remains somewhat troubled by certain jurisdictional issues in these proceedings in circumstances where first, and should the proceedings be recovened at some future stage and should jury find for the prosecution on the charges as levelled, it is trite that your Honour has the inherent right, among other things, to accept or reject those findings of and by yourself. Secondly, and more troubling still, is the fact that your Honour also has the inherent power to dispense with further proceedings at any future time of and by yourself and pronounce sentence on the accused regardless of whether the jury ever carries a verdict.

Ambramovich J.: Yes but surely the prosecution was fully aware at all times of those jurisdictional issues and yet chose to commence this prosecution regardless. That is so is it not?

Prosecution Counsel: I will not cavil with that your Honour however, the prosecution felt and still feels duty bound in this matter regardless of the ultimate outcome and regardless of your inherent jurisdiction.

Ambramovich J.: Mmmmm. Yes well I thank Counsel for that. If there is nothing else. Counsel for the Defence?

Defence Counsel: Nothing of any substance your Honour.

Ambramovich J.: Well in that case these proceedings are adjourned to a date to be fixed but possibly never.

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Grant is not going to be sacked before the end of the season (no matter how many "Get Rid of Grant" petitions are signed) - bascially because we can't adequately replace him until then. I don't think that realistically Steve Clarke or Ten Cate would do any better than Grant over the next few months.

So, Grant will definately get at least another 4 chances to "prove his innocence". Man United and Arsenal at home, and two Champion's League quarter final matches.

The problem is that in the previous 3 big matches he has been in charge (Man U and Arse away, and the League Cup Final), he has looked completely out of his depth, and has been tactically outclassed by Fergie, Wenger and Ramos respectively.

I think that come the end of the season, he will have had every chance to prove his critics wrong.

One thing I don't buy into is reserving judgement until he can build his own squad next season. If he can't produce the goods when it matters with the squad we have got now, he is never going to.

I think any "squad overhaul" that will happen in the summer will be forced on us (by players wanting out) rather than a planned rebuilding of the squad in Grant's image. Unfortunately, even with 100 million to spend, Grant is not going to be able to replace Drogba or Lamps if they want out - there just isn't any other one-man-army striker like Drogba, or a consistant 20+ goal, 20+ assist per season central midfielder out there like Lamps.

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good post mate but a couple of points as its me that has said Grant needs time to rebuild the squad,

what I mean by that is if we are to see any style change to more attacking football, I feel to get a change right he will need to bring in his own choice of players for the football he wants us to play,

I think the way he does by the end of the season will give people a fairer guide to his ability although I dont think comparing his record with Jose's team with Jose's record with them is totally fair as he is trying to use players he has not chosen to play to a system he feels will get the best out of them instead of choosing players to play to a system he wants them to play,

It will be interesting to see if he has learned enough about the players to get good results in the return games against the two teams above us and interesting to see if the players go on the pitch and do their best for him, I feel only then can we make a fair assesment.

I look forward to the CL draw aswell because I believe this is the one that means the most to Roman and how he reacts to our progression or lack of in this competition will be a good clue to if Grant will be given the time to put players in that he wants or we get to help sell a few million more copies of the sun in the summer icon_wink.gif

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