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Man Utd Barca Semi thread


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Eto`o doesn't "wow" me when he plays, so much hype...but im not impressed. In all fairness, Barca should have had 2 goals prior to this game. Henry would be better than eto`o at this moment. Van Der Sar's kick was pretty funny, yet Barca still couldn't use that to thier advantage! And i have to listen to tommy smith! maybe i'll mute the rest of the game..or not watch it

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When I posted that comment about them being poor, Barca's defence had been iffy and they were struggling to create anything going forward. They brought the ball forward alright, but once they got to Mancs half of the pitch they seemed to run out of ideas. They played better in the latter part of first half, though. Victor Valdes seemed nervous coming off his line.

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This Barca team is a mere shadow of the one we were battling against two,three years ago.

Messi is still brilliant but he's out there on his own and is still far from being 100%.

Deco is pants,Zambrotta is past it, Eto'o was isolated and ineffective for both legs.

They still have players with some outstanding individual quality but they lack leadership on the pitch and don't look like a team, just a bunch of quality footballers put together.

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Fanastic strike by Scholes, probably the best Ive seen in the comp this season.

Deco is the best of the Barca players.

You have to be joking?

Messi was brilliant. The way he runs at a number of players and comes out the other side still with the ball at his feet icon_eek.gif And that's with him not fully fit.

The guy is different gear. Unfortunately for Barca, a number of their players are not on his wavelength. Eto was poor and Henry might have well stayed on the bench.

If I was Roman, I would break the bank to sign Messi. If we can spend £21m on SWP..........

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