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Talk about lacking class

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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... and dignity.


"I am captain of Liverpool FC and I want him. I WANT HIM NOW! NOW NOW NOOOOOOOW"


Steven Gerrard has said he is "desperate" for Aston Villa midfielder Gareth Barry to join him at Liverpool.

Barry, who is expected to lead England against Trinidad & Tobago on Sunday, will talk about his future after he returns from international duty.

"I want Gareth Barry to become a Liverpool player. I am desperate for us to sign him," said Gerrard.

"He's a good player. I want Liverpool to be as strong as possible and Gareth Barry will certainly make us stronger."

Gerrard's comments are likely to rile Villa manager Martin O'Neill who has already criticised Liverpool's handling of the situation.

Barry is a quality player - Gerrard

O'Neill is determined to keep hold of his captain and earlier this month claimed Liverpool's £10m cash plus player bid undervalued the midfielder.

But Gerrard, a good friend of the 27-year-old, believed Barry, who has two years remaining on his contract, needed to play Champions League football.

"Gareth Barry is someone who will improve Liverpool. We can't be disrespectful to Villa. He is still their player and we will see what happens," said Gerrard.

"Naturally, they are going to try and keep hold of him, and rightly so because he is one of their star men. He has been a fantastic servant for them over many years.

"I know all about Gareth, I am good friends with him off the pitch and I am desperate for us to sign him.

"You talk about improving the team, the starting XI and the squad, and Gareth will certainly help Liverpool to become a better team.

"It is easy to play with good players. I've been asked a lot of questions this season about Fernando Torres and the simple answer is 'it's easier playing with quality players' - and Gareth comes into that category."

Barry has only ever played for Villa and is due a testimonial, having signed professional forms with the club in February 1998.

Gerrard added: "I am sure Gareth will find it hard to leave Villa. He has been fantastic for them but, in football, sometimes opportunities come along where you can better your career.

"I think Gareth is 27 now and he needs to play Champions League football. In my opinion, he needs that now.

"I've enjoyed playing with him for England. He is quite an easy player to play with. He keeps it simple, he is easy to read and I certainly enjoy playing with him because I've got a good relationship on and off the pitch."


Surely thats a form of tapping up? You know the player has been linked with a move to your club, you know there have been some war of the words between the two managers, you know the player is reluctant to say anything... So you stick your bobbly scouse fat nose into it and bring it all up again. Why? Do you seriously lack that spine? That dignity?

If Liverpool don't sign Gerrard's targets, he may leave... again.

If Lamps or JT came out with similar sentiments, the rags would have a field day, not to mention we'd hear the mousers state we have no class.

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what a total w**ker gerrard is. can you imagine the wasy the dippers would react if terry came out and said hes desperate to get torres to the bridge? gerrard and histroypool are the biggest hypocrites in football. all this "its not the liverpool way" sh*te has been shown to be utter bollocks this season.

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I don't get the big fuss over Gareth Barry. Is he really anything worth getting excited over?. I'd choose Xabi Alonso over him

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Stevie Me Gerrard is an absolute tool ball.gif Last week it was 'give me the money for transfer or I aren't even going try for the league title', now he controls the transfer, I'm sure soon he will talk tactics as a player-manager.. Thank god we wasn't able to sign him up, imagine a dressing room with Gerrard, Gallas and Drogba..

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I thought it was totally lacking in respect for AVFC for him to say this, especially after Rafa's verbal jousting with O'Neill a few weeks back. Liverplod are, it seems, off to an especially silly season, what with pricing Crouch at 15 million and Carson at 10 million. Just what the hell is Rafa playing at?

If this goes any further Villa should be talking to the FA for unsettling the guy. And personally, I would rather be the player to help lead Villa back from mediocrity than going to a perennial fourth place finisher

I don't get the big fuss over Gareth Barry. Is he really anything worth getting excited over?. I'd choose Xabi Alonso over him

100%. Alonso is class, great distributor, and ever since Mascherano has come along he has seemingly been put on the backburner. He might be the only liverp**l player I actually like personally

I am so glad he is going to Juve where his ability can shine rather than play second fiddle to the likes of Stevens

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