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Euro 2008 XI - help

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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alright guys

basically, entering a euro 2008 fantasy football at work...winner takes all....

so in order to make me rich i am hopin my fellow blues can give me a helping hand

basically i need the best XI from all countries in euro...positions dont matter i jus would like to know ur best..

1 GK

4 defenders

4 midfielders

2 strikers

take into account who they play for aswel because there are points for a team win and the longer they stay in the competition the more points i can win!

that would be great lads!

PS - ronaldo has been classified as a striker so you cannot play him in midfield...

My XI so far is









Van der Vaart



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I take it everyone can have any player they want, doesn't matter if someone else has them? The upfront two look good, but Spain are known bottlers... What about the two German strikers? Podolski and Klose would be a decent call. That said, Spain will probably go win it now. Is Lahm in the German Euro squad? He could get you a goal.

Robben would be worth sticking in too, but you're risking it with his injury record 317.gif

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Try to stay away from top draw players, use lesser known players.

Dont be afraid to pick players from Croatia, Romania, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Rep, Poland, Russia, Turkey & Greece.

Some lesser known players to note...





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