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  1. I think he'd do a job as a back up for one of the cb's. He's played there for fiorentina. If we do sign a LWB then he could be back up for centre back and LWB he has the physicality for sure
  2. I finished watching season 3 of brooklyn nine-nine last week. Best comedy show I've watched in a good while
  3. Also most of his bad games for us were when he signed early on as a younger player
  4. Cant wait until he makes one small mistake and in the match thread the Luiz haters will be calling for his head lol
  5. Apparently we're only paying 10m since PSG owed 20m or something?? Would be a bargain at that
  6. So a helicopter arrives at cobham and its confirmed its not luiz or alonso. Who the hell is it then?? [emoji848][emoji848]
  7. Your forgetting zouma and christensen
  8. He's a good defender mate but has the occasional lapses in concentration. A lot of 'world class' defenders have them
  9. Jesus christ some of the posts on here are shocking. You want us to sign a cb and when we do your moaning. He is full of passion and you know he will give 100%. I hope none of you have forgotten his performances in the champions league final and europa league. He is improved and has been starting for a quality PSG side who beat us two times. AND he knows the premier league well. Its a good signing. And I KNOW some of you love him. He's also finally got a world class DM in front of him
  10. A Lot of french media saying we have bid but psg arent willing to let him go
  11. This guy also said koulibaly was done so....
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