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  1. So that decision has been made already? I didn't know. Well that's harsh, I'm not suprised you guys are pissed. But that's FIFA isn't it?.. A bunch of w*****s.
  2. Yes, you are correct. As you say I didn't grasp your meaning in the post I was replying to. Sorry about that! It was the actual lifting of the bans which I was talking about, which only RM were granted partially. If I recall correctly AM and RM bans were notified early 2016 and they were able to have them delayed with them coming into effect for the two 2017 transfer windows. Their appeals were being resolved while the winter 16-17 transfer ban took place. If this precedent is taken into account then it's quite possible Chelsea would be able to delay theirs too while appeals are res
  3. Barcelona's ban happened before Atletico's and Real's. To my knowledge both Atletico and Barcelona appealed but were unsuccesful and bans were not postponed. Atletico had their fine reduced somewhat but that was the most they got out of their appeal. Real Madrid, who had initially been slapped with the same ban as Atletico and Barcelona, were the only ones who benefited (as usual) from their appeal. FIFA determined only two of the cases under investigation of RM where serious and based on that they lifted the ban on one transfer window. It seems they considered AM and BCN had more serious
  4. I think I voice the opinion of many Atletico fans when I say Costa's attitude is embarrassing to say the least. As much as I admit it would be nice to have him back his attitude of late is not what I would expect from a (possibly) future Atlético player, very unprofessional and disrespectful with that which is still his team. Whatever fallout he has/had with Conte he should still show respect to club and fans. Not impressed.. at all. Added to the fact he would be half the season without playing it makes me wonder if having him back is a smart move (look at what happened to Arda at Bcn),
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