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  1. Paul Furlong Robert Fleck Tony Cascarino Chris Sutton
  2. That was a car crash waiting to happen...oh wait!
  3. If there is any truth in this, the fact that he is considering leaving the best financial gig in town rather than waiting for the inevitable in time (get job, do reasonably well, get sacked, keep reputation, get milions in compensation) confirms to me that he feels out of his depth in this league, with this group of players,
  4. Bielsa. Integrated 14 U23's into the first team squad in one season. Granted he failed last night but that was largely due to poor decision making from their Champions league winning goalkeeper who undermined the team's performance. I think Bielsa would have us playing an exciting brand of football, using what tools are available to him. If Sarri is sacked or leaves of course.
  5. On this theme, if our ban was stayed due to CAS and Hazard did go to Real, it really would not surprise me to see us go in for Coutinho as a replacement, as the Barca fans clearly have not warmed to him.
  6. I agree. I think the manager and the player himself quietly realise this league is a different level in terms of phisicality and pace from Italy.
  7. He is saying if we are banned we can't sign him, but if the ban is stayed then he wil sign him.
  8. Interesting that Arsenal are now 1-0 up and palace are now 3-2 but Sky United have only shown hen Utfd score update.
  9. Or just said that he is a loan player whose future will be sorted at the end of the season, as will a number of exciting young strikers that we also have out on loan.
  10. I think Willian's drive should be to Spain
  11. I found a positive. Big Pete's last game will be against us. Respect. Woohoo
  12. I also was surprised and if i had been Pedro, having scored in teh first leg i would have been pi$$ed off to be benched. That said he was pretty woeful when he did come on.
  13. I think that when we look back at the highlights tonight and these were a couple of decent saves from Kepa, a Sideshow clearance off the line and the same from Zappa, followed by Kepa in a penalty shootout, there can be no glossing over this performance. Yes, Jorginho kept us moving but his care of the ball, (along with all of the other players tbf) on a number of occasions was criminal. RLC in the frst half showed some purpose but i fail to see any singer player can come out of this match with credit.
  14. Two bob mate! and i'm not sure if he is called the coach actually
  15. Knowing this fking club they'll send them to China on a tour.
  16. Standard television pundit's opening comment. "Look, Chelsea haven't been at their best" Sadly all too true...and a massive understatement.
  17. In fairness Barkley is the only one showing any real spirit and desire here.
  18. Hopefully our manager will sign him.......................for Roma!
  19. At this point in time a shot on target would be a miracle.

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