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  1. Personally, I'm a big fan of Sanchez's individual skill and determination. However, I'm not entirely convinced of which role he would have in Chelsea and additionally I don't view him as a proper team player. The opposition never know where he's going to run with (or without the ball), although the same goes for his team mates which obviously affects the team performance. The guy can barely remain in a tactical position but runs all over the field. Luckily he's an amazing player so he highly compensates for these (according to me) flaws by solo raids and clinical shooting. But for £80M, with 1 year left on the contract? Even 60£ would make me disappointed in the board. I would prefer to wait out the contract, hopefully his will to remain in the EPL and London makes his way to us. If not, at least we don't need to get rid off Willian or Pedro.

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