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  1. Agree, I don't think we are getting anyone else. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. I don't know how management works at big club level but I would do my best, as the owner/board member, to find a solution and keep Diego on the team and Conte happy. They are basically acting like little kids... Both Conte and Costa if what the papers say is true... Having a focused Costa + Morata + Bastshuayi would be scary to the opposition.
  3. Delusional manchester united fans on redcafe creating formations including Costa as a backup to Lakaku. Seriously, 1 game against a poor side and they think they are winning the premier league. They also are experts at reading body language. According to them, the old Mourinho is back as in 2004-2005.
  4. Was taken straight from Redcafe and their predictions that Conte will implode and we will fight for relegation... Seriously, can't wait for Mou implosion...
  5. Errrr..... WE HAVE A MOLE! REPEAT!! WE HAVE A MOLE!!!! http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/839841/Chelsea-transfer-news-Antonio-Conte
  6. I know... people should Drinkwater to cool off...
  7. I don't get it though, wasn't he substituted around the 60 mark? What is he doing next to penalty takers? Unless I'm missing something...
  8. When is the appropriate date to freak out, last week of the transfer window?
  9. I don't think so. Don't get me wrong I would love Chelsea to win it again but knowing Mou and his second seasons you guys are favorites together with City. But that is just me. Hope I'm wrong because would love the meltdown on redcafe
  10. You might be right but let's hope he gives Michy more minutes since now we have to worry about more cups than last years.
  11. I hope it is another player since Bakayoko is already a Chelsea player he would refer to him as Bakayoko instead of "someone else".
  12. I saw this on twitter... Maybe it is Sandro maybe it is Chamberlain. Maybe it is Neymar or maybe Emenelao
  13. He did good today. Hope conte keeps him and gives him more minutes than last season!

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