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Chelsea Vs Burnley (PL) Sat 12 Aug 2017 KO 15:00 GMT


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Ah... I missed to these threads!

Can't wait for our opening match, we all have been waiting a lot for this. We're not coming with our strongest lineup, but we still have to put a good performance to show and give a hope that we can defend the title.

We still have a game before, performance against Arsenal must be good enough, would be our last test before the season. We have Hazard, Bakayoko and Moses missing, let's hope it will end with those 3 and we won't add players to this list. We still have quality players that will do the job. Burnley will come motivated, they will try to surprise us, not going to be easy!

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3 minutes ago, evissy said:

Awesome. First game of the season!! Arsenal-game and our transfer-dealings so far have let us down but I feel positive. Conte will get us fired up and functioning as points are in line.



This had better be a spirited, encouraging performance, as I'm going to be in the Shed Upper. Haven't been to a match in ages, I won't accept anything below par :Connie_threaten:

2-1 Chelsea, all goals scored at my end :biggrin:

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2 hours ago, startedwithglenn said:

Anyone know when was the last time the defending champions were not chosen as a (UK) televised match on the opening weekend?

No I can't. Suppose it's like going back to the traditional Saturday opening fixture of the season at The Bridge. A 3pm kick off.


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Despite what some people say, unless FA has changed the rules since CS 2012 when Ivanovic got a straight red against City and played the PL opener, Pedro can start this match. 

I would love Conte to pull a little trick here. Burnley have been preparing for this match for 7-10 days. Expecting the usual 3-4-3 formation. Their two CBs will have prepared to meet either one of Morata or Batshuayi, and are getting ready to pack him in tight and use whatever little dirty trick available to them. But what if they met both?

Since Moses is missing this game as well, 4-2-4 is what makes perfect sense as well:


Azpi - Luiz - Cahill - Alonso

Willian - Kante - Fabregas - Pedro

Batshuayi - Morata

(Could also change to 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 with Pedro at RWB during the game if things don't work)

This formational change would also help us weaken the preparation for our next game away to Spurs. Tactical variation is a great weapon. Use it, Conte!

Bench: Caballero (GK) + Christensen, Rudiger, Musonda (very inexperienced first team players) + three youngsters. Thin.

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Lets start the season with a home win, I think the team pretty much picks itself.




Azbi Kante Cesc Alonso 

Willian Batman Pedro 


Subs, Willy, Christensen, Boga, Morata, Musonda, Tomri, Baker  


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   Rudiger  Luiz  Cahill

Azpi  Kante  Cesc  Alonso

    Pedro          Boga/CMJr



As much as i love Bats he did very little against Arsenal so time to give Morata a chance from the start.


Ideally i'd like to see us change formation and use a 3-5-2 or 4-2-4 but with us not using them in pre-season it seems unrealistic.


Willian doesn't do enough for me in an attacking sense so would rather see Boga or Charly used, however i know how unlikely that is to happen. 

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On 07/08/2017 at 15:56, erskblue said:

No I can't. Suppose it's like going back to the traditional Saturday opening fixture of the season at The Bridge. A 3pm kick off.


Proper old skool this one, should be more Saturday 3pm ko, fed up with silly ko times to please TV companies, more the merrier

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