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  1. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    What I have considered is that you and others a) know nothing about what our competitors have or have not decided and b) you and others know nothing about what we as a club have or have not decided.
  2. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    All the usual moaners trying to argue that this process has cost him time with the players etc If we appoint him next week, he'll start with zero hours with the players. If we'd appointed him two weeks ago right now he'd have about errrm zero hours with the players. All players whether heading to the World Cup or not have been on holiday for weeks. It's very rare a player from any nation of note makes a transfer while still in the World Cup either so most transfer activity will take place once sides start getting knocked out and for players not at the World Cup business can be done as usual. Very few transfers have been done by our rivals either. United have basically signed one player in Fred (Dalot will be backup RB) and Liverpool had the Keita deal done last summer have signed Fabinho quickly because they have lost Emre Can. Arsenal have had their new manager in place for the best part of a month and have signed a 34 year old free agent. You guys need to relax but I get the feeling you all enjoy being hysterical about something that couldn't be further out of your control.
  3. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I just hope some of you have learned from this saga (in preparation for the summer) to not even bother clicking on any "article" written by football "journalists" because they are as clueless as everybody else. Who the hell cares who is interested in who, who wants to go where, who gets snubbed by who when 99% of it is pure speculation to be kind about it. Follow official websites of clubs and get actual news when things actually happen or just go to https://www.transfermarkt.com/ and keep updated with actual happenings there. Trust me it will spare your sanity. Every time you click on a nonsense article you are saying "I want more of this" SO STOP DOING IT!
  4. startedwithglenn

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    I wouldn't mind being 11.5 billion behind him.
  5. startedwithglenn

    The Next Chelsea Mascot

    Get Conte to do it for the final year of his contract.
  6. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I don't believe that Madrid want(ed) Conte but yes he seems the type that'd be more than happy to cut is nose off to spite his face.
  7. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Now you're moving the goalposts. No matter how you look at it Bordeaux were far far far from "dominant". They finished 6th with 57 points the season before he took over. He then took them to 2nd with 75 points in his first season and then won the title with 80 points in his second season. The title he won was very competitive, they won by 3 points and got there by winning ALL of their last 11 league games.
  8. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    How about Makelele as assistant, could be a good shout that i've not seen mentioned anywhere.
  9. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Yeah Bordeaux were really dominant when he won them their first title in 10 years with Moarouane Chamakh as their lead striker.
  10. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I am assuming because PSG do the same as we do when "sacking" managers, and as Napoli threaten they will do having "sacked" Sarri in that they are more technically placed on gardening leave with full salary for the remainder of their contract until the point that the contract expires or until the manager in question chooses to go elsewhere. Blanc signed a 2 year extension (worth €11m per year) with PSG in Feb 2016 and was sacked 3 months later. That contract extension perhaps not coincidentally would be just a couple of weeks from it's expiry date. So perhaps he is either a) selective of jobs he takes b) didn't get any offers where he'd earn the same and didn't fancy taking a paycut, or a combination of the two.
  11. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    And a quot
  12. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Anyway, here is a detailed article on his PSG side for those who can take 10 minutes away from manically waving their arms in panic. https://spielverlagerung.com/2016/02/12/team-analysis-psg/
  13. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Would people here be as negative about the potential appointment of Blanc if we were paying money for him? I don't think so. There seems to be a worryingly growing % of people who think that making right decisions is to spend more money and that spending more money equals right decisions.
  14. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Players are assets for the business that can increase in value and in the vast majority of cases will nearly always hold 50-80% of their value. Fees paid for managers are nearly always sunk costs and in 99% of cases the only further financial impact is a negative one if you decide to get rid.
  15. startedwithglenn

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Well that's a decision that's got nothing to do with you or "we" but there is zero logical reasoning to say anything negative abut how Napoli have handled this situation. You know where you stand with them, they will sell players they are happy to sell and if you want a player they want to keep you better a) hope he has a release clause and b) pay it, Higuain for example. They don't mess around or dress things up, which for the people on the business side of clubs probably makes them much easier to deal with than most clubs. You ask a question and you get told the answer and it doesn't change. Much better than most clubs who will say "not for sale" but what they mean is "not for sale at your current offer".