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  1. He won't go anywhere this summer I don't think no matter what we try. He wants to go to Madrid and they will never pay £20m+ when they can have him for nothing next summer. For a fee that Madrid might pay it'd probably be worth it to keep him here for the season.
  2. I'd like JT straight in as assistant manager this summer.
  3. It's 100% the way forward and it's what the board did do and if you ask me still want to do. Courtois, de Bruyne, Lukaku, Salah all worked for that strategy. That's half a team that were originally signed for peanuts, the problem being we are trying to run the club properly with a long term strategy but are entrusting these assets to short term managers. Some haven't worked, van Ginkel, Baba and the likes. There are others who fit that strategy and could still play roles like Batshuayi, Zouma, Kenedy. So really the main problem with the board is that they are not matching t
  4. Yes you're totally right on both counts, we get a loan fee and the wages are paid but for example if everybody had gotten what they wanted in the summer I think : - The board would have gladly passed on say a £3m loan fee for Abraham and had him as part of the squad - Conte didn't want Abraham in the squad and wanted to spend £20m+ on a 32 year old Llorente.
  5. A lot of City's big earners are the older members of the squad coming to the end of contracts that were signed a few years ago, the likes of Yaya, Aguero. They've shipped a lot of high wage earners off the books over the last 2-3 years too and if you look at their signings they are almost all of a young profile and so stands to reason they are not coming in at peak-level wages. Plus most of their signings under Guardiola have been GK's and defenders who command lesser wages. City will see a spike in their salary levels when the likes of de Bruyne (who I think resigned recently or is
  6. Good post but it's not that simple. First of all if we signed one player to £300k a week it'd result in the wage bill increasing by about £1m per week over the next 18 months because a rising tide lifts all boats. Hazard and arguably Courtois would want parity and every single squad member who are on £80k-£100k would be wanting to be topped up to £150k or so to stay in line with their ratio compared to the top earners. Secondly, the squad did need filling out and that's largely down to the manager. You're not telling me this board that according to most on here are tighter than a nun
  7. Guys i'm going to state the defence for the guy even though I voiced my concerns about the signing when it happened. I voiced those concerns because I watched a good 15 or so games of Monaco last season and he never stood out to me. Now he didn't stand out as being great but neither did he stand out as out of place in a very good side. So there is a player there. Now he arrived with an injury and I can't remember if he missed all, nearly all or just a hefty chunk of pre-season but it can have an impact no matter which it is. He's young, new to the country, league, language etc etc etc.
  8. Whisper it quietly but he looked everything we didn't tonight against Burnley. Energetic, lively and likely.
  9. Well we are about on course to finish where expected, so yeah no big deal. As far as the manager goes, well I strongly suspected in the summer this would be his last season and i've known for a while I was right. So I don't really care if he goes in June or if the board get rid of him earlier if they think someone else will get more out of the players for the final stretch.
  10. 0% chance of him walking. He's basically been daring the board to sack him for weeks, he wants his payoff and i'm convinced he knows his next job already and it's either PSG or Bayern.
  11. He's either not good enough or not ready, time will tell.
  12. What are you talking about. Nobody is arguing we're signing Lewandowski here but the guy is first choice striker for one of the 3 strongest candidates to win the World Cup in a few months and the general (and correct) consensus is there isn't a better second choice striker at any top clubs in Europe. I think a lot of you are clouding your dissatisfaction with Morata being our first choice striker with having Giroud as our second option.
  13. £19m is dirt cheap. Palace are spending £10m on a guy from a Danish club and Preston are turning down £8m for a striker with 3 Championship goals this season. I mean name a better option rather than moaning.
  14. Yes, your logic seems to be there are two strikers in the squad so if one isn't on the pitch then the other should be. It's telling that the coach who sees the players every day would rather play without a recognised striker than start Batshuayi. I'd be pretty sure that if the squad remained unchanged and Morata was injured and you asked every Chelsea fan for their lineup against Barca, about 90% wouldn't include him either. He's not a good enough footballer right now. I said before the season started he needed to go on loan, he/we've just wasted another 6 months.
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