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  1. I make no secret of it, He is one of my all-time favourites. I say again, It is pathetic how it has not been sorted.
  2. I had near enough forgot he belonged to us. Yet no he is one of our best players. His celebration yesterday made me warm to him even more. Not one of our star names but i recognise his talent. Much like Dave. Cannot spell his name.
  3. I would not have let him go. He would have played enough games for us.
  4. Only just seen that on Sky sports. There is absolutely no chance of there being a u-turn and him coming back to play for us. I know you will all say, Obviously not. I was just hoping for it to happen. Totally given up. I am not going to post anymore about him until he goes.
  5. Whoever gets him is going to get the biggest bargain in football EVER. I know he has been a muppet but i am so angry it is not being sorted out.
  6. Tibo is the best in the PL. I will just add that. Drinkwater- A good PL player. Of course he is. Just not sure he can step up to a big Club like Chelsea. Sounds crazy saying that when he was a champion the season before last. If we want him, We should get him. I will trust the judgement of our manager.
  7. I think all the panic is because of all the last time we won the league, Look what happened the season after talk is doing the rounds. Not saying i am perfectly happy. But look at Arsenal and Spurs. They are so far off it is untrue. The Manager is doing well and will continue to do so. Nothing to worry about.
  8. His attitude is not good. But everyone knew he would be hard work behind the scenes. Did not matter when he was banging them in. So all it needs is a few words between player and boss. Tell us fans that. Then all will be forgotten and forgiven when he scores his first goal of the season. I demand that he stays.
  9. Jose is manager of one of our rivals. That is exactly how i treat him now. I would have expected some respect from him but never mind. Conte is our man now. And he is doing well you will have all noticed.
  10. Gaz Cahill is a proper defender. I recognise what a talent he is. Bargain price. Bolton seem to have a bit about them with defenders that go on and improve. Rob Holding seems good. Bolton to a team hoping for the PL 4th place trophy is a big step up.
  11. The Costa situation is the ONLY thing that has got me angry for a long time Chelsea related. Should have never got to this. World class players tend to have baggage. Conte is a top Manager. I expect him to have sorted it. If, Well when he leaves it will be f**kin criminal.
  12. Got the new In This Moment album. It is good. Not quite as good as the previous one- Black Widow.
  13. A 2nd choice keeper is never going to be a real superstar. But i would want a bit better than this lad. Although he was a hero in a big shoot out one time. That is always mentioned. Apart from that, I stand by what i say.
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