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  1. For me thats showing a team working hard and pressing our deep lying midfielder. This isn't genius or anything new. It's a simple press to stop us playing out easy all over the pitch.
  2. I genuinely think the only game that has applied to is Spurs but that's not to say it cannot happen again. But relaying that narrative after the defeat at Arsenal & Bournemouth, the draw against Southampton and the poor effort against Newcastle is for me lazy. I cannot remember him being dispossessed in the week and the problems are far more complex than 'get around Jorginho'.
  3. I certainly think there was an aspect of this against Tottenham and against bigger teams that press. But to simplify it as the main problem now is nonsense. We have struggled big time when he's had all the time in the world. Jose also points out that if you channel our possession to the right side (kante/azpi) our attacking options are very limited and i fully agree with that. Love Azpi but the amount of dangerous positions he wasted against Bournemouth was criminal.
  4. This whole narrative of 'Stop Jorginho and you stop Chelsea' is BS. The only game that applied to was Spurs away when we lost 3-1. He had so many touches and lots of the ball without pressure against Bournemouth. That argument is completely flawed in games such as Weds and Southampton 0-0 etc.
  5. Not at all. A system and philosophy like this takes time. A few poor results and we are questioning the manager?! We need some stability and a long term goal. With a constant change of managers/styles our team will never have an established identity. Some fans are so short sighted and think its so black and white.
  6. We cannot bring in a manager that suits a squad full of aging players. Willian, Pedro, Luiz, Giroud etc. Top 4 is certainly a priority and can still be achieved. If you want to bring a certain brand of football to the club long term you must take some hits short term. Don't get me wrong if after two seasons there is little improvement and possibly he has failed in the transfer market then we can question him. But to do so at the moment is ludicrous.
  7. Struggling to see what this guy is offering. Tidy player but often wouldn't know he is playing. The one time he made the box yesterday he nearly scored. Plays backwards/way he is facing and safe far too often. Personally I wouldn't sign him in the summer and prioritise an attacking/goalscoring midfielder or put faith in RLC/MM
  8. He broke up plenty of counter attacks last night. He is not going sniff everyone out single handedly. Its down to more than him, a team reaction defensively. It wasn't right but dont blame him solely. He canot be liable when Pedro/Luiz are giving the ball away needlessly in dangerous areas
  9. Haven't been on for a while but got to make a few points. 1. Anyone calling for Sarri's head is part of the problem. A constant cycle of managers that have no long term structure is no good for anyone. We have just signed a 31 year old for Sarri and he is completely trying to change the way we play. It's nowhere near perfect but it doesn't happen overnight. Providing we get top 4 and maybe a trophy that for me would be a good stepping stone to build on. 2. Having said that, he NEEDS to freshen this team up. Jorginho/Kante/Kovacic offer so little going forward that we need RLC or even
  10. I actually really like Conte and probably up until Newcastle I actually wanted him to stay. I thought given some support in a window you will see a different team next year. What I cannot handle is the style of football. I was happy that we won yesterday but jesus I did not enjoy the game at all. Back foot defending, far too passive and not even offering a threat on the counter. They should/could have equalised in the second half and I cannot bare another season of that. I can understand playing that way against Barca etc but against a Jose Mourinho united? No. 30% of the ball with no int
  11. Reminds me so much of Yaya. Powerful and decent technique but can also look a bit sluggish defensively. A midfield 3 of him Kante and Fab on paper should really work to be honest. All bases are covered there.
  12. Think its a bit of a myth how hard he works. Im one of Willians biggest fans but he plays in bursts both offensively and defensively. Creates an illusion that hes working hard. What frustrates me is that he has so much ability. 1st half he didnt look interested yesterday and lost the ball far too many times, albeit in tight areas. Needs to start taking these big games by the scruff of the neck but just seems happy to put in 7/10 performances.
  13. Abuse he gets in ridiculous. Don't get me wrong he is not a World Class player but is solid and usually reliable. Took far too much criticism yesterday in a game we kept a clean sheet! And adding to this Rudiger looked a nervous wreck when he came on in the Champions League so it was the correct decision to play him.
  14. Every pundit going slammed the decision. He isn't a World Class player anymore so for me it didn't matter who we sold him to.
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