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  1. Croat

    Mason Mount

    Imo, Mason did very well yesterday. I was suprised with his stamina. He did few clever runs, he has quick mind and decision making, not affraid to shot. In some situations, he was too unselfish and did pass instead of shot. Definitely deserves more chances in starting eleven imo.
  2. Here in Croatia, he is always considered very talented but he simply dont deliver... And that story is constantly repeated. I followed him through his entire career. In Dinamo, he was very good, exceptional talent. I even played against him ? In Inter, he was very good with ball, had some amazing runs through midfield. But after he joined Real, it seems like he lost all of his confidence and he just constantly dissapoints, even when playing in national team. Second half against arsenal in baku, he was very good. If he can play like that on regular basis, this will be steal. My opinion is that this transfer is mistake, he is fourth option in midfield (after kante, RLC and jorginho). Lamps, if appointed, should give Mount chance until RLC returns. I hope that he will prove me wrong. Only positive i see from this transfer is that he can play in Jorginho role, better than any other our midfielder.
  3. Croat


    Although he is one of most overrated players in EPL, this is not time to sold him. As someone mentioned, we dont have other options. Musonda is good but not still on level that first team requires. CHO has long time injury, we just lack options. Last summer there was rumour that Barca offered 50 mil + Malcom and Marina rejected, so obviously club belives in him. Even if its not true, there was multiple offers for him (35+ mil). He should get one year extension and at the end of season depart, IMO. He has awful and pretty slow decision making, and he almost always needs to touch ball three or more times before passing it. He stops more our attacks than oposite deffence.
  4. I honestly think you guys are little to harsh. Even with ban and Eden gone, we are still better than man utd and arsenal. Defensively, we are far better than them. Arsenal are better offensive, but we are not far behind. Top two are booked for city and lpool, spurs should be third, and 4th chelsea. I also think Lamps would be right choise, he will have authority and respect. Hope he would get time and be our manager for a long time.

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