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  1. And do You know who was wearing number 4 in 1963-64? Was it John Hollins too? It's very clever investigation, thanks. 🙂
  2. Hello! I would like to ask who scored this goal below. I only know that it was from 1964-65 season. 🙂
  3. Hello! I've got question. Who scored goal for Chelsea in this match vs. New York Cosmos (26.09.1979)?
  4. Hello! My question is, which season was scored this goal by Ray Wilkins for Chelsea? :)
  5. Thank you. Ok. Now something more difficult. Jimmy Greaves and his goal below. In which season it was scored. :)
  6. My question is about the last goal from this video (1:13): (who scored this goal and which season - 1964-65?)
  7. Do you know the season from this goal by Mark Hughes is? :)
  8. Thank you! I've got one more question about the season in which was scored this goal. (Pat Nevin). If someone knows, please help! :)
  9. Could someone tell me from which season is this goal by Pat Nevin?

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