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  1. I don't know where he gets the tickets from, but not from my membership...I only joined in august. I get there about 3 or 4 times a year when I'm over in London. Last time was the Arsenal in August.
  2. Oh bless....he's only about 13 isn't he??
  3. I've been lots of times, but my m8 usually gets me a ticket...wanted to try so I don't have to keep hassling him, and it's a big game. Only got the 5 points I got when I did the membership thing...bit of a vicious circle isn't it? If you live abroad and can't get too many matches, you'll never get the points you need.
  4. Gong to try and get a ticket Monday morning for the Man City game...what do you reckon my chances are? First time try, so probably about as good as a snowball's got in hell???
  5. Londongirl


    Any other "old codgers" in here who remember the 1970s? The new east stand....Ken Bates...Ossie...Alan Hudson..Chopper Harris....Butch Wilkins Ah the good old days...
  6. Yes I know....but he's sooooooo good....best n. 10 in the world bar none!!!
  7. Yes...I'm the one on the left
  8. Hi all...just thought I would introduce myself...born in London, now living in Italy. Chelsea supporter since the 70s, remember the "new" stand being built, which nearly destroyed the club financially...also remember standing on the terraces and helping to sweep up afterwards to get a free ticket for the next home match. They were half empty back then, not like now... Anyway, this is a nice place to read about all sorts of things and hopefully reminisce with other old supporters!!!
  9. Hi...how can I change my display name??

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