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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/46490091
  2. everything ive ever had the displeasure of reading written by you. and its YOU'RE DOING GOOD argh
  3. The club stated they would use stadium money for the squad. obviously FFP is a big point but we need players just like sarri said Hes choosing the best of a bunch of average grapes imo
  4. also his first season and been class. giordano_bruno STFU clueless! Do something useful and go make me a pizza
  5. https://en.as.com/en/2018/12/05/football/1544017500_938845.html Real Madrid now have a deal in place with Eden Hazard as they bid to sign the Belgian from Chelsea next season, according to a report on Spanish radio. Onda Madrid says that, after a summer of flirtation between club and player, the LaLiga giants have agreed terms with Hazard, 27, whose Blues contract runs out in 2020. Chelsea after 170m euros, Madrid keen on Kovacic part-exchange However, Chelsea will not let Hazard go easily. The Premier League club value the attacking midfielder at around 170m euros, a fee
  6. we dont have the squad for it. old boys are managers or tyre salesmen now! didn't buy well enough to replace and now restricted without being completely corrupt and hustling ffp city style What the club needs is faith, Patience and a pinch of positivity in the face of adversity. Cannot get on sarris back for a mixed up squad lacking key assets before bloomin xmas.
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