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  1. Does anyone have a good stream for the game? Thanks in advance.
  2. I swear to God, my piss is boiling at the moment. Had Ludogorets shown some spine and defeates Malmo, I would have had the chance to watch my team live in Sofia. But no, just as every Bulgarian squad, including the national team, they get exposed every time it matters and make football fans furious. To avoid off topic, I think we will get out of this group, I dont think Malmo and Zenit can cause us some serious headaches so this should be manageable.
  3. And Lukaku has 113 goals in 252 matches with 35 assists as well. I think that is impressive as well considering he spent most of his career in EPL playing for WBA and Everton and just two season for a top side with United.
  4. By Lukaku being pivotal for their EL Final, I mean that he was instrumental throughout the whole run. He was among the top scorers in the competition, providing vital goals and assists for them to reach that stage. Yes, they lost the final with Lukaku missing a sitter, however, that does not mean he had no contribution for it and was voted as a player of the competition, which is an accomplishment itself. AFAIK, he was voted MVP of Seria A this season so I find it hard to agree with the narrative he is mediocre at best.
  5. I dont quite get the negativity around this transfer to be honest, like really. If the Scums were willing to sell to us in a parallel universe, most of the guys in the forum would undoubtedly be happy if we were to spend 160m on Harry Kane, who is 28 as well. I would argue that Lukaku is the 3rd best pure striker in Europe, behind Lewa and Haaland with Kane behind him. I dont get the fuss around Kane who has done nothing significant in his career and in the 2 most important games in his life - CL and Euro finals, he was nowhere to be seen on the pitch. Ever since Lukaku joined Inter, he was pivotal in their Europa League final appearance and winning the Seria A. He is a proven goal scorer, which is exactly what we need, and Haaland was causa perduta from the get go. He had his sights set on Madrid or Barcelona, considers us a "small club" and a CL victory wont change his mind. We are not getting Lewa either so this negativity when we are actually buying one of the top strikers in the world is literally beyond me. Tuchel wants him in the squad and that is enough for me. By getting Lukaku we would actually have some flexibility in the squad and select the starting 11 based on the opponent. I am actually hoping we wrap this up fast so that the focus can shift towards Kounde and a CM if possible.
  6. Considering that the team I root for the most on international level is already out, I really hope it will be either Spain or Italy going all the way. Jorghi and Dave both deserve a major international trophy, so I will be happy both ways. On a second thought, I will be happy for every other country, except England, to lift the trophy. I am really sorry fellow English fans and natives, but this narrative that "It's coming home" is getting insufferable, sometimes makes me cringe even. One can no longer react and read some news or watch some football analysis online without seeing "England on cruise control", "Southgate redemption arc" , "No way back" , etc. I just want to watch some quality football and analysis, not the infamous media bias, its not the regular season so no need to di*kride c*nts like Grealish, Sterling, Maguire, etc.
  7. Hensi

    New CB?

    There was a quote in the Media, apparently for Villareal Official Site, where he was saying he was not planning on leaving in the summer and was looking forward to the Supercup final. Not sure if this can be indication for anything, we've seen it all in football, but he might stay loyal to the club or considering his consistent form during the Euro, he will cost a lot.
  8. If all of that media fuss about buyout clause and extremely high salary demands from Haaland are true, I would not touch him with a 10ft stick. Yes, he is a world class player, one that we need in order to contend in the future, however, we risk ruining the environment in the Team if we decide to break our salary structure for a 20 year old who did not consider us an elite Team until we won the CL. We all know that when Madrid are back on track and are able to raise some funds, they will come knocking and we all know what happens after. It will be all over the media that Haaland has always been a fan of Madrid, he grew up with photos of Raul in his room and adding Raiola into the equation .... Thanks, but no thanks. If we are planning on splashing 150 mill on a player, invest them in other areas we need reinforcements - CB and CM. We already missed out on Upamecano, latest rumours are saying Varane is headed to either United or PSG so Jules Kounde seems like a very good option. Young, physical with the perfect environment to grow and develp with Rudi and Silva around him. As for CM, get Bissouma, Tielemans, Aouar even and we are all set. In other words, Kai is already becoming a vital piece for us, give Timo one more chance to prove himself, reintroduce Tammy into the squad as a back up option and show some faith in Broja or keep The Monsieur, who has been nothing but a loyal servant and is already automatically extended, and we are all set for the battles to come.
  9. First of all, congratulations to the entire forum and all of the Chelsea fans out there. It was a magical night, one I did not think will get the chance to experience soon after 2012. Massive praise to the lads and TT for the performance they put in and our fans on the stadium who sang their hearts and souls out. I have spent a good portion of the past 2 days watching all of the videos, images and footage of our win just to make sure it's real and it happened. Moreover, I was spying on other forums, such as the Blue Moon and the forum of the Scums. f**k me, the amount of salt over there makes this win even better for me. I cant describe how much those guys hate us, especially the Scums, and seeing their excuses and complaints that we won only makes it better. From a red card for Rudi, to a Penalty not given for Citeh all the way to the delusion that our fans were only so loud because BT had a sound bias towards our fanbase makes this feeling incredible. For example: Are Chelsea a better team? No Do Chelsea have a stronger starting 11? No Is Tuchel a better manager than Pep? No So, why did we lose and where did it go wrong? Player mentality and Pep. One plays into the other. They say sh*t rolls down hill, so does confidence. Many players would of seen that starting 11 tonight and lost confidence, that is where it went wrong. The players internally would of questioned the managers decisions like many fans and that is what we seen play out on the pitch, lack of confidence and uncertainty. Enjoy this lads, let it sink in because come next season, there will be a lot of hard work for us to do if we want to top the PL again.
  10. I am sorry, I dont usually flame on other players or call them names, but how long is this ref gonna blow the whistle for these diving c*nts. The moment our guys get closer to a Leicester player, the foul is automatic. Its getting outrageous ...
  11. With the risk of making a complete clown of myself and the laughing stock of the forum, am I the only one who thinks that Mendy is not that of an upgrade over Kepa? Yes, he started quite strong with a few clean sheets in a row but he's had a few shockers as well. I do acknowledge the fact that his height is a significant advantage over the Spaniard but that's pretty much it. I still think that Kepa will be more solid with the current backline we have and we need to remember that he was not such a disaster under Sarri. Whether its his confidence or his lack of height being exploited, I think all he needs is some boost of trust from the manager by handing him a few games in a row as a starter and he might show some glimpses of his potential. Nevertheless, he was once first down the pecking order for Spain National Team and that is hard considering they have De Gea as well.
  12. Now, I dont want to be called a plastic again, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for Tuchel taking over. I have done some research on the man in analysis from sport pundits and fans, and it seems that he does have something to offer. I think we have the squad for his style of play and he can make it work. I am trying to supress my excitement and I do not expect much anything different tomorrow giving that he would only have 1 training session before the game. I do admire him that it took him an hour to get them on the pitch after his appointment so that's a positive sign. I do hope that the fans will welcome him to the club eventually. After Frank, any coach would have been crucified and its understandable that each and everyone of us has their concerns. Good luck, Thomas, and lets hope you will bring some joy to our games and make the fans dream again.
  13. Wow, I really cant believe that the fans asking for Frank to be released from his duties are being slammed as plastic, glory hunters, etc. This is just outrageous and its not like they were calling for his head without a solid argument for that claim. Each and every one of us asking for a change listed out arguments as to why we want it and when this is all a fact, we are being bashed as plastic. I am sorry, but this is idiotic. We are all fans of the same club and being shamed for asking a change is not the way to do it. I can understand why the old guard here have their arguments, however, if we were to think with our heads and not hearts, we would see that today is not any different than other times when a manager go the axe. Take Sarri for example. People were calling for him to be fired 5 matches into the season. Why were no one mentioning morals and values of the club. We need to be able to distinguish Frank the player and Frank the Manager. His legacy will never be questioned here, he will always be a blue, no matter what and I do believe that if he improves on his knowledge and experience, he will be back one day with JT on the wheel, prove us all wrong and finish what he started. There is no denying that there is a lot of logic behind the sacking. Many valid arguments have been made by the others. Some of the bullet points are as follows: - We are 6 months into the season and we never got an identity and a solid starting XI. Even during the winning streak, we were looking shaky and clumsy and there was always the impression things were not going well; - I am willing to agree that Frank was also selecting players based on his preferences and not actual work being done on the training ground and the pitch. For example, Mount has played on multiple different positions this season with the sole purpose of him being in the squad. I respect that he is a lad from the Academy and all but there were numerous occasions when he was abysmal and never got to the bench. I dont know what is going on during training, but I do believe that there were other players who deserved more to be on the pitch than him. - Frank was outclassed and outcoached by other managers despite them not having the resource he has at our club. And I am not talking about Carlo, Klopp and Pep. I am talking about Santo, Arteta, Hassenhutl, Rodgers, even Scott Parker was going to take points off of him, only a dumb play by a player of his prevented him from that otherwise the game was going strictly in his favour; - We never got a style of play that we all hoped we would have in the summer. We were only relying on possession based football and countless of meaningless crosses when we were clearly not suited for that, especially when our only capable player - Giroud was on the bench; - Frank's record as a manager is the worst of every other manager we had during the Roman era. That alone is a fact that can not be ignored and some would argue that even AVB had more ground to be given more time; Its understandable to say the least why most of the fans are reacting this way. But bashing the others that agree with the decision is not the way. It will only divide us during these hard times and will lead to no good. I am not confident in Tuchel either and was much preferring to see Allegri take over but we need to trust Roman as he is the one who brought us where we are now. Anyway, I wish Frank all of the best, I sincerely hope he will find a place where he will be able to fully show his potential and gain the necessary experience and knowledge to succeed at the top flight. I will happily accept him back if he were to take this job again in the future.
  14. It never ceases to amaze me how polarizing of a keeper Kepa is. In one moment, he makes an idiotic mistake which leads to a goal and on the other, he is capable of making some Oliver Kahn level of saves which makes the audience believe he has what it takes to be our number 1. I still believe so and Mendy has done nothing, besides a few clean sheets he had when he first arrived, to prove he deserves the level of trust he receives. Quite recently, he has been abysmal as well and a trip to the bench might be helpful.
  15. This does seem like a 4 - 4 - 2 with Billy and Mount in midfield, Hakim and Puli out wide and Tammy and Werner as our CFs. The only thing I am excited about is Billy starting and Mason as the captain .... I would rather not comment on that.
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