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  1. Hey there , guys . I know I may be introducing myself in wrong section here , however , I am a new guy in the forum . I have been reading comments here for quite a while now , just recently registered myself . I plan not put in a lot of comments in the threads here so as not to spread out my incompetence around here . Anyway , enough for my bio . I have been reading a lot of press statements that Sarri is gone , no matter the outcome in the EL final . The boss himself is supposedly pissed off at him for the lack of connection with the fans and will show him the door after the final . My point here is , given the fact that most of the top class managers have long term contracts with their teams , who should we go and replace Sarri with . I personally believe that neither Lamps , nor JT are ready to take this job , however , if the ban stays and Hazard leaves , maybe Lamps is the guy to take us through these times and work with our youngsters he has in hand . Any thoughts ?

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