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  1. First of all, congratulations to the entire forum and all of the Chelsea fans out there. It was a magical night, one I did not think will get the chance to experience soon after 2012. Massive praise to the lads and TT for the performance they put in and our fans on the stadium who sang their hearts and souls out. I have spent a good portion of the past 2 days watching all of the videos, images and footage of our win just to make sure it's real and it happened. Moreover, I was spying on other forums, such as the Blue Moon and the forum of the Scums. f**k me, the amount of salt over there
  2. I am sorry, I dont usually flame on other players or call them names, but how long is this ref gonna blow the whistle for these diving c*nts. The moment our guys get closer to a Leicester player, the foul is automatic. Its getting outrageous ...
  3. With the risk of making a complete clown of myself and the laughing stock of the forum, am I the only one who thinks that Mendy is not that of an upgrade over Kepa? Yes, he started quite strong with a few clean sheets in a row but he's had a few shockers as well. I do acknowledge the fact that his height is a significant advantage over the Spaniard but that's pretty much it. I still think that Kepa will be more solid with the current backline we have and we need to remember that he was not such a disaster under Sarri. Whether its his confidence or his lack of height being exploited, I th
  4. Now, I dont want to be called a plastic again, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for Tuchel taking over. I have done some research on the man in analysis from sport pundits and fans, and it seems that he does have something to offer. I think we have the squad for his style of play and he can make it work. I am trying to supress my excitement and I do not expect much anything different tomorrow giving that he would only have 1 training session before the game. I do admire him that it took him an hour to get them on the pitch after his appointment so that's a positive sign.
  5. Wow, I really cant believe that the fans asking for Frank to be released from his duties are being slammed as plastic, glory hunters, etc. This is just outrageous and its not like they were calling for his head without a solid argument for that claim. Each and every one of us asking for a change listed out arguments as to why we want it and when this is all a fact, we are being bashed as plastic. I am sorry, but this is idiotic. We are all fans of the same club and being shamed for asking a change is not the way to do it. I can understand why the old guard here have their arguments, howe
  6. It never ceases to amaze me how polarizing of a keeper Kepa is. In one moment, he makes an idiotic mistake which leads to a goal and on the other, he is capable of making some Oliver Kahn level of saves which makes the audience believe he has what it takes to be our number 1. I still believe so and Mendy has done nothing, besides a few clean sheets he had when he first arrived, to prove he deserves the level of trust he receives. Quite recently, he has been abysmal as well and a trip to the bench might be helpful.
  7. This does seem like a 4 - 4 - 2 with Billy and Mount in midfield, Hakim and Puli out wide and Tammy and Werner as our CFs. The only thing I am excited about is Billy starting and Mason as the captain .... I would rather not comment on that.
  8. I am sorry but allow me to disagree with you on this. I am not trying to be a prick here, but this take of claiming who would have asked for Klopp's head and who wouldn't is extremely stupid, to say the least. There is literally no room for comparison between Frank and Klopp and I dont know who first started this trend. When Klopp first arrived at Liverpool, his starters were the likes of Mignolet, Lovren, Skrtel, Joe Allen, Lallana, Benteke, etc. The only world class player he had at the time was Coutinho and, arguably, Sturridge and Firmino just being brought in. No one, not even the m
  9. I agree with every point you make and understand where you are coming from. Yes, it is quite possible that the frustration with most of the fans may come from the fact that the media tends to overhype certain clubs before the season and if things do not go as predicted from those "expert pundits", fans are drawn back into reality and start to complain or call for the axe. I will be very honest here and will tell you that I was not overhyping our squad after all of the signings and was not expecting any major trophy this season. I knew we were building a squad for the future and was
  10. First, I would like to begin with an apology towards the entire forum that I might have come a bit "plastic" or any way you put it my recent comments regarding Frank and his sacking. Most of those times it was frustration speaking and I was not thinking clearly so it might have sounded offensive, rude even. So, when the frustration is over, I decided to step in with the apology and I just came across your comment which I think is the perfect for my needs. Now, I will be speaking for myself here and I think most of the other guys who are pro on releasing Frank are on the same boat. I have
  11. Wow, I just cant seem to grasp the ability of this forum to pin this abyssmal performance in the recent games on Timo and Kai. Considering the fact that one of them was being played on the wing when he was clearly not feeling confident there and the other got benched for the past 2 months. Well, let me refresh your memory. We had only one, just one game where they both played on their natural positions in the PL against Soton. In that game Timo scored twice ans got an assist and Kai also put in one. I will not be mentioning the games against some plumbers from League 1 and 2. So, when Hak
  12. Seeing the squad for the game made ne realize that there are only logical explanations to see the same again. Either Frank has gone completely out of his depth/became fed up with the pressure and the work here or Roman has somehow convinced him he will not be sacked this season unless we are in relegation zone. Otherwise, I cant seem to grasp why are we seeing this mdfield week in and out. Just repace Kova or Jorgh with Kante and u have the perfect recipe for an abyssmal peformance. I am limping, fat and my bc hurts like hell but will offer more creativity than those 3 combined. We get it
  13. The only hope of getting a decent result out of this game are if we get Billy and Kai on the pitch for Kante and Mount. However, we are fully aware that Lampards's love child and Kante arent going to the bench so I am expecting to see Werner off and replaced by Bambi. Good 45 minutes incoming.
  14. Wow, the amount of salt and hipocricy in this forum never ceases to amaze me. Pinning this abyssmal performance and the lost points on AC, who was clearly hit by that diving c*nt, when that loss shouldnt have even gotten the chance to attack due to a clear handball, is just outrageous. Given the knee jerk that we are witnessing towards a certain individual would make people blame the global warming, Trump, Bin Laden for our results but not the actual culprits behind this. D*mn...
  15. So when one is tired of watching Frank being schooled by every decent manager and decides to express it, they should shut their mouth? Well, but I am not circlejerking Frank and I dont think he can succeed with us
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