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  1. Hensi

    Ben Chilwell

    He is 25, turning 26 in October. For a GK he easily has 10 years of football ahead of him. And how is 25 not young? By that logic, we can recall Cech or Cudicine out of retirement and hope for better ?
  2. Hensi

    Ben Chilwell

    Pardon me for interrupting here, but I do not believe that Kepa is shi*te. He has shown some great qualities on multiple occasions and he is the least to blame for our problems on defence. Yes, he is not prime Neuer or de Gea, yes, he sometimes allows easy goals that should have never gone in, but, he is still young and has a lot of room to imrove. I bet my ar*e that if we have a decent defense in front of him, he will show what he can do. On the other hand, just to keep it in the topic, I also think that Chilwell is not the answer for our LB. In the games against the Top 6, he was looking mediocre at best and is nowhere near Ashley on that matter. He is just being overhyped and overestimated cuz he is an young Englishman and the media is trying to make him the next big thing. Hell, if we have to pay 80 mil for LB, I would stick to Alonso and Emerson or go with Maatsen. Telles, Tagliafico and Grimaldo seem like the better and cheaper option here.
  3. I would have literally scored that cross to Barkley with my crippled leg, FFS, was it that difficult to just shoot the d*mn ball instead of counting on a flick ..
  4. Are we ever gonna see my man Bats in the starting lineup, either as a sole striker or him and Tammy leading us up front ? I still think that he has the game to be a starter for us and I have been a fan of his ever since we bought him. Unfortunately, neither of the managers he was playing under gave him a chance to prove himself....
  5. I am not gonna try and guess who's gonna make the final cut but there is one player I would do not want to make it and thats Willian. The guy gives me the creeps everytime I see him play cuz 90% of the time, there is just a shirt and a pair of shorts walking down the pitch, nothing else. I have always thought that he does not have what it takes to play for us and has been a mistery for me that 3 coaches have been counting on him. Just offload him, along with Danny and Baka and give van Ginkel a chance to prove his worth. But who am I to judge. I am only hoping that my man Bats would get his chance to prove that he is a top tier material and can actually lead our offense instead of paying sh*tload of money and bring in another flop.
  6. Hey there , guys . I know I may be introducing myself in wrong section here , however , I am a new guy in the forum . I have been reading comments here for quite a while now , just recently registered myself . I plan not put in a lot of comments in the threads here so as not to spread out my incompetence around here . Anyway , enough for my bio . I have been reading a lot of press statements that Sarri is gone , no matter the outcome in the EL final . The boss himself is supposedly pissed off at him for the lack of connection with the fans and will show him the door after the final . My point here is , given the fact that most of the top class managers have long term contracts with their teams , who should we go and replace Sarri with . I personally believe that neither Lamps , nor JT are ready to take this job , however , if the ban stays and Hazard leaves , maybe Lamps is the guy to take us through these times and work with our youngsters he has in hand . Any thoughts ?

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