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  1. Wow, I just cant seem to grasp the ability of this forum to pin this abyssmal performance in the recent games on Timo and Kai. Considering the fact that one of them was being played on the wing when he was clearly not feeling confident there and the other got benched for the past 2 months. Well, let me refresh your memory. We had only one, just one game where they both played on their natural positions in the PL against Soton. In that game Timo scored twice ans got an assist and Kai also put in one. I will not be mentioning the games against some plumbers from League 1 and 2. So, when Hak
  2. Seeing the squad for the game made ne realize that there are only logical explanations to see the same again. Either Frank has gone completely out of his depth/became fed up with the pressure and the work here or Roman has somehow convinced him he will not be sacked this season unless we are in relegation zone. Otherwise, I cant seem to grasp why are we seeing this mdfield week in and out. Just repace Kova or Jorgh with Kante and u have the perfect recipe for an abyssmal peformance. I am limping, fat and my bc hurts like hell but will offer more creativity than those 3 combined. We get it
  3. The only hope of getting a decent result out of this game are if we get Billy and Kai on the pitch for Kante and Mount. However, we are fully aware that Lampards's love child and Kante arent going to the bench so I am expecting to see Werner off and replaced by Bambi. Good 45 minutes incoming.
  4. Wow, the amount of salt and hipocricy in this forum never ceases to amaze me. Pinning this abyssmal performance and the lost points on AC, who was clearly hit by that diving c*nt, when that loss shouldnt have even gotten the chance to attack due to a clear handball, is just outrageous. Given the knee jerk that we are witnessing towards a certain individual would make people blame the global warming, Trump, Bin Laden for our results but not the actual culprits behind this. D*mn...
  5. So when one is tired of watching Frank being schooled by every decent manager and decides to express it, they should shut their mouth? Well, but I am not circlejerking Frank and I dont think he can succeed with us
  6. Frank, please just throw in ur resignation. Thats all I am going to say.
  7. Not to be negative or anything, but Chilwell is getting cooked by that Rennes winger on top of the few mistakes he made. He looks gassed and I think the gaffer might wanna change things up a bit or we will concede sooner or later.
  8. Does anyone have a stream for the match? Was looking for one on Reddit but cant seem to find a good sir to provide one. Thanks.
  9. I will literally go bloody mental if we dont destroy this sack of sh*te United are when we visit the good Ol' Toilet in 2 weeks. I am still pissed off for the L we got last year at the Bridge and we need to pay them back with interest. I just hope that Hakim, Pulisic, Timo and Kay will be 100% fit so that they can feast on this deadwood.
  10. There is still the part where we need to offload some players, on the other hand. If we do manage to get the above mentioned players, we will be pretty stacked and we will need to sell some deadwood in the team. Lets say that Zappa, Pedro and Willian leave as free agents. I guess we will try to sell Danny D, Baka, Moses, Alonso/Emerson, Barkley and Bats and a defender. Even if that happens, I still think we will probably lose either Kante or Jorghinho. If Havertz do arrive, we will be absolutely stacked in midfield. Kante, Jorghinho, Ruben, Billy, Mount and Kova. Those are 7 players battl
  11. Can we just stop handing Willian renewal offers? I never liked him since his arrival and lately he messes up every good possesion we have. Cant wait for Ziyech and Werner to arrive and no longer having to watch this sh*t anymore.
  12. Guys, dont u worry about the result. We should be grateful we did not concede during first half, not regret we did not score. We are playing against the bet IN FORM Team in Europe. At goal, they have Lev Yashin and he is being protected by Harry Beckenbauer. Pogba and Bruno duo is better than prime Xavi and Iniesta and up front, they have Ronaldo, Henry and Rooney. I cant see how we can stop all that attacking force and creativity so all we have left to do is hope we will not get our a*ses handed ti us. I am just hoping the ref would get the whistle out of his a*se and stop falling f
  13. He is 25, turning 26 in October. For a GK he easily has 10 years of football ahead of him. And how is 25 not young? By that logic, we can recall Cech or Cudicine out of retirement and hope for better ?
  14. Pardon me for interrupting here, but I do not believe that Kepa is shi*te. He has shown some great qualities on multiple occasions and he is the least to blame for our problems on defence. Yes, he is not prime Neuer or de Gea, yes, he sometimes allows easy goals that should have never gone in, but, he is still young and has a lot of room to imrove. I bet my ar*e that if we have a decent defense in front of him, he will show what he can do. On the other hand, just to keep it in the topic, I also think that Chilwell is not the answer for our LB. In the games against the Top 6, he was
  15. I would have literally scored that cross to Barkley with my crippled leg, FFS, was it that difficult to just shoot the d*mn ball instead of counting on a flick ..
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