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  1. I think Mount will step it up this game. It is unusual for him to stagnate which he has done in the last few games. I also feel Alonso should start as he loves playing Tottenham. Mendy Azpi. Sylva. Rudiger James. Kante. Jorginho. Alonso Mount Havertz Lukaku
  2. When Chelsea first signed KDB from Genk, he played for Chelsea against Seattle a game I watched. He was by far the best player on the field on the day, at the time I thought we had signed a great player, Mou thought otherwise and almost destroyed his career like many other.
  3. Mendy Zouma Silva Rudiger James Kante Kovacic Chilly Mount Pulisic Havertz
  4. Good Result, but I am not happy at all about the performance. Front line looks Terrible, no where near the likes of Utd, City and Liverpool or for that matter Leicester. My take on the game: 1) Touchel needs to sort out Werner, he is simply lost his Mojo. Absolutely clueless when he has the ball, some sort of mental issue 2) Our first half defensive display was the best in Years 3) I think the front three of Pulisic, Mount and Abraham would be more suitable, with Kante and Jorginho. Bring on CHO for james when we need to attack. 4) Despite his wonder goal last game, Alonso has more bad games than good perhaps consider Pulisic for that role when we want to go offensive. Next two games are definitely winnable
  5. I could not have put it any better, loved Lampard as player but he lacked experience as a manager. Chelsea can only get better from here as we have world class squad.
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