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  1. whats wrong with Leverkusen? there a decent club.. show some respect before 2003 we weren't much bigger then Leverkusen either.. harvartz will be fine.
  2. if we get him our midfield and attack will be legit... need to focus on pure defence transfer after this .
  3. lol wtf happened when I left for work willian had just scored the penalty for 1-0... I checked the score 3 hours later at work while on break and see we lost 3-2 -.- ffs to west ham...
  4. wouldn't pay more then 40m for him if they want 60 or 80 move elsewhere not worth it..
  5. lets smash em i predict a 3-1 win for Chelsea 😄
  6. good win for us.. congratz to Liverpool on the league never really had a problem with them it was well deserved this year... a lot of hate for them on this forum though making us look whiny and sad.. just say congratz and move on to next season boys no need to insult them lol.
  7. hopfully roman doesn't lose patience and fire him like every other manager that comes in here...
  8. need points with united looking good behind us in 5th.. man city will be tough I would settle for a draw I am predicting 1-1.
  9. would settle for a draw city looking beast like so far 😞
  10. kids a stud should be bagging 20 premier league goals a season once he is settled in..
  11. good first game back started sloppy but ending was good.. congratz blues.. and pulisic looked great
  12. heard rumours we may sell him.. hopefullynot 😕

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