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  1. can't wait 😄 so glad i bought Dazn in canada get to see this game .
  2. spurs in 4th round if we advance will be interesting.
  3. personally i got no problem with frank and wish him the best of luck . the real question is will roman have the patience ? or will he sack him if we finish 3rd again?
  4. he will be fine he had a bad game in germany last year and came back firing from it.. i predict a goal vs liverpool!
  5. not as promising a start as i had hoped for.. but only 1st game. werner looking good though. nervous for the liverpool game.
  6. kai and werner to each get a goal 😉 . need christensen out of this club though..
  7. Just offer 55M if rejected Then let him stay there. he will force a move eventually and chelsea is the club he wants. i wouldn't panic and pay above 55m for him. we don''t really need him that bad atm anyway
  8. after west hams game today be might be begging to leave soon lol.
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