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  1. Why does anyone "need" to know? Don't be silly.
  2. There would have to be some stipulation that if he were to get injured the deal is off then, no? I mean the idea of paying 80 million for a player and the allowing him to even train, let alone still play for the club selling him seems absurd. Doesn't seem, is. Is absurd. I don't see any possible way the deal is done if he is still playing for Leverkusen.
  3. Is there still no official word from the club about Pulisic's actual status? How long does it take to get a scan FFS?
  4. It seems to me that the bottom line is that Willian is past his prime and it doesn't help Chelsea to resign him for what he wants to resign for. That's it and that's all. Especially since Chelsea is obviously going to go with youth at this point. Neither party is to "blame" for what is happening. It doesn't make Willian a bad person or disloyal for wanting to get the best deal he can. It's just a shame he will go to a rival in that process. If it is a mistake to sign him for 3 years, well, it will be Arsenal making that mistake.
  5. I saw that too. I hope it is accurate and not just BS speculation. Info was from several sites I had never heard of before so not sure about credibility.
  6. I have really noticed that too. I think Alonso just isn't that good. And he's overly cautious because he knows it. He's fine at crossing the ball but making a quick, pinpoint pass in traffic isn't his thing. I think he is unwilling to take what he perceives to be chances with the ball. He does love to slow sh*t down (because he is slow) and pass the ball back instead of feeding it to Pulisic though. And it is frustrating because it's been apparent for while now that the more touches Pulisic gets, the better Chelsea's chances.
  7. My two sort and sweet observations from that match - the Ref f**ked Chelsea and Pedro played really well with a real sense of urgency. Something that seemed lacking for the first 2/3 of the match. Anyone have any idea when we can expect to hear about the severity of the injuries to Azpilicueta, Pulisic and Pedro?
  8. This I completely understand and agree with. And Chelsea should sign Havertz if they can and can get the deal they want obviously. He is young and looks the part. Has all the potential to be a 10 year stud at whichever big club he lands with. I think, given the knowledgable responses I have received to my question, that it is really just a media problem. A perception that Chelsea is only going after attackers because the media won't do their actual job. As an American it's difficult to deal with football (soccer) media. It seems primarily click-baity type stuff with tons of speculative BS and very little actual investigative reporting or actual info. The media that covers, say, American football (gridiron I think the Brits call it) would be lambasting a big team if their were obvious needs in one area and the team appeared not to be addressing that first and foremost. I have been reassured by the responses I have received. Chelsea will do what it can to bolster its defensive frailties.
  9. New guy here. This is what I can't figure about about Chelsea right now - Havertz would be a great get, sure, no question, but Chelsea haven't had a problem attacking or scoring. They've had an obvious problem defending and conceding too many goals. And yet they keep chasing these attacking mids/wingers. Can someone explain to the stupid American that knows that "defense wins championships" just why the hell I am not reading about Chelsea pursuing top defenders? Are there just none out there to be had really? All I read about is Havertz. And before that it was Ziyech and Werner. All the while Chelsea was giving up 54 goals. I mean, if the club can do both - sign all these attackers and still sign top price defenders - then great but the focus sure seems off to me.

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