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  1. Where i'm antaginizing? I ask questions, answers are laughting > you don't scare me with bans. OKAYU
  2. And so what? Have you something to say to the topic that we are talking ?
  3. I see that for some people, other teams in the table don't exist 😄
  4. Dude, answer the questions, don't talk to me craps and bullsh*ts
  5. What is your point? DID we beat some of the tops? Are there more strong teams that last season??????????????? You think that we can be in top 4 with that performance ? What about Everton, Liecester, Tottenham, City, Liverpool, Man United, Soton, West Ham? Arsenal is 2 points behind us, Villa is with 3 matches less
  6. Compared with this season and his previous seasons in City, Bayern, Barca he is pragmatic now.
  7. In fact for first time Guardiola is pragmatic because of all of injuries, Covid over the players. Do you see at present 70% ball possessing and wins with more than 2-3 goals? Last season he had injuries and saw what happened. Now Aguero is on isolation.
  8. Look deep and understand how far we are in reality
  9. This ssaying enough . he just don't know what to do
  10. Giroud has most goals in all competitions. Thats enough
  11. Frank needs to change the system instead of changing the players in that 4-3-3 Seems he doesn't want to do it, or don't know how to do it.
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