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  1. Haha. Saw this earlier. Very funny! Southgate is a poor manager. He seems to pick players based upon seniority and reputation rather than current form. If I were DCL I'd be insulted to see a half fit winger in Rashford put on the pitch as a striker while DCL sits on the bench. And as a German journalist said, any team that benches Sancho for two consecutive games must have a phenomenal attack. Foden should not have been subbed off. Sterling was poor. Bellingham should've come on second half for Phillips. Southgate out. Muppet.
  2. I am gutted he's gone. I think Frank got it wrong in letting him go, and the club made a mistake in allowing AC an option to buy, although I did read somewhere that Tomori himself insisted upon said clause. Good luck anyway Fikayo.
  3. Okay, all good now. As you suggested, domain types directly in worked. One more thing, if you'd be so kind! Any chance you could delete the extended personal conversation (about cars, service stations etc.) two members have had on my intro thread? It's kinda hijacked my intro, so figured if anyone else read this they'd lose the will to live once they hit that stuff!
  4. okay cool.I'll give it a go. Cheers.
  5. So how do I log in via my phone? If I google the forum and click on the result link it automatically opens in Tapatalk.
  6. I have no problem visiting any other forums. Only Shed End.
  7. I'm getting a message (in Tapatalk) that says you are not logged on or do not have permission to do this action.
  8. I am struggling to log on via my phone. No problem via PC, but phone is the way I'm going to be here mostly, hence lack of posting since joining. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  9. Thinking about painful losses attended, I should also add the 3-5 loss in the FA Cup to Utd in 1998. I was in the Shed End and had to endure a great view of Beckham doing his stupid ears thing.
  10. Cheers. I wasn't at the 1994 Cup FInal but remember it well. Ref didn't do us any favours that day.
  11. Hi Caitlin. Whoever comes up with the crisps first gets the muscle.
  12. I used to belong to one a few years back that had a page for every Prem team, but it got too annoying because of the armies of tw@ts constantly complaining that actual football results somehow don't pan out perfectly all the time.
  13. Can you set your profile up to notify you of new posts? Guessing you can but I'm a bit inexperienced with the whole forum mechanics thing.
  14. Nice one chaps. Should've joined here way before now tbh, but I am also an unsociable boring c**t also.
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