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  1. Not football related but RIP Toots ....
  2. Cheers Bluehaze ,your right Weller wares monkeys boots but i fear his are top end wedge. so black cardigan with a 1981 pin stripe shirt underneath and partially on show ,another fashion disaster i fear.... CB look at the thread you started ,still going ,fair play to you
  3. Oh no shame on me , as i was always monkey boots over Dr Martens.... and then DM shoes over DM boots 🥾 shows what little i knew then and indeed now ha ha
  4. Cheers Bluehaze there it is ! Still cant picture it even though it is as clear as day ...strange
  5. Great read ,music and football ,my lifetime passions ,Wee Pat a CFC legend....
  6. Carefree mike was a decent poster ,really hated them north london scum ,as we all do I know but i seem to recall his every post had an anti spurts comment ....good on him and i hope he’s well
  7. Cheers Ersk ,must admit ive never heard of Alan Young ,he looks a beast though
  8. Great picture,no idea who the Bloke second from the right back row and front middle between john boyle and John hollins are any takers
  9. Funnily enough i have never noticed or seen that score board thing in any picture Bluehaze ,very odd. My first game was Sept 1973 and Me and my mum were in the west stand and the Shed as i recall was Exactly as it was until the day it was finally pulled down. i need to google a bit more !
  10. Wow great pics bluhaze ,never seen them...does the article say what year that work to the ground was done?
  11. John sissons is the top one ,the bottom is maybe john john john um
  12. Ps re the great Chelsea fc Englands firm picture ,where is that ? I keep thinking it is the san siro But then talk myself out of it
  13. Sod the tracksuit i wish had Borotas hair ,mine is the colour of John Neals and less of it 😕
  14. I spotted Cathy in the picture ,approx three rows down from the top and about 5or 6 people in from the left hand side face in the crowd sorted 😀 i know hugh hastings has done one book but I would love to think he has loads of unpublished pictures he could turn into another
  15. No one minds Ersk ,No one minds in fact Chi will be doing cartwheels if he can ,being as old as me tee hee
  16. Original coffer badges from the early to mid seventies go for silly money ie £30-50 quid ,rare ones from late seventies to early eighties also go for good money.... even new ones made yesterday can be £4-5 quid plus post the left badge man has a good few ,leftback.co.uk ...im very jealous
  17. The smog monster had his trainers nicked excellent !
  18. Fair play to you ,it always amazes me wherever and whenever I have travelled with CFC I've met fans from all of the UK.. I worked in Bradford for a while and never met any CFC , plenty of mancs though,sadly I've got a west ham mate ,lives down south but born and raised in Warrington , always respected him for that,he used to talk about the rugby league tear ups , whole new world for me until I worked in Bradford and saw the bulls Living in the south game day was me travelling into Waterloo and it always amazed me the amount of CFC on the trains from Bournemouth and areas like that..
  19. Great memories ddrblue ,i was wondering how you ended up supporting CFC living up in sunny Donny? Being old i am in the “ we all f**k8ng hate leeds” camp .....I grew in a family where my mum came from just outside wakefield so all her side were dirty Leeds ,we lived down south so my trips to the norf were always fun,CFC pin badge to the fore when it was time to meet the family i had a funeral up in leeds crem just before Christmas last ,down near elland road ,seemed strange Re the petrol bomb train i was on that ,as were ,as you say hundreds of typical Chelsea ie all young lads ,
  20. A few years back i went to sri lanka with the barmy army ,unlike Australia and the west indies not a lot travelled ,great place,it was before the tsunami. Match day was walk to the ground from the hotel,and every day we saw Michael Holding and every day it was “good morning Mikey “ and every day is “good morning boys “ ..always chilled ,always polite ,always a gentleman..top man
  21. That Mickey T picture is brilliant,the emotion he is showing plus every Single Fan going absolutely crazy..pictures don’t get much better
  22. I was lucky i had subbuteo but had no one to play against so used to spend hours setting up the wall for freekicks ,to see i could slot one into the top keeper against the static keeper wasnt great 😂
  23. No 0007... in 1981 licensed to watch sh*te football more than anything...great pictures thank you all...especially love the New east stand one in the sunlight
  24. I was at that Watford game ,mid week if i recall ,got stuffed of course, but the statto in me always remembers it because of les fridge being in goal...funny how we can fondly recall a 5 1 home defeat to Watford because of the goalie making his debut like many i had high hopes for Steve Francis ,bit like kepa good shot stopper but lacking a bit of presence
  25. Love a union jack with CHELSEA FC written across the middle
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