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  1. I'm an old git who posts mainly in the vintage section ,I'd never ever thought I'd see us win the league but now I look at the incredible trophy list and just shake my head in amazement...I know we had a massive history before Roman but he has to be the best modern owner in football.Even last night he quietly goes onto the pitch and smiles... so cheers Roman Also cheers to you all on here ,what a f**king night. Cheers to Frank Cheers to every single player but I must say Kante you're something else The fans who went ,the fans who didn't we've only gone and done it again Ps I'm old but sat and watched the game with my boy Luca .. making history not relieving it basically UTC
  2. Ps sorry Valerie as i see you dont like green kits
  3. My local team Horsham Fc have come up with 2 designs for next seasons kit and are asking the fans to decide which one....must admit i voted A but i do like the principle ....fully appreciate the big bad corporate world of NIke would never entertain such an idea ,mores the pity
  4. Treated myself to a copy and it turned up signed which was a bit fat bonus ,not started it yet but have high hopes
  5. Fair comment Donny ,my money is Man City ,looking on Boundair its an fa cup game v City at home.Lost 3 0 date jan 23 1971 love that site i seem to recall a few cup games back then had both teams playing in away kits
  6. Excellent series of posts ,level headed and honest....like many i was the classic maybe cliched case of working in a warehouse all week and spent the week looking foward to Saturday ...it was true ,as the song goes meet your mates have a drink etc .I never went with the sole frame of mind of having a scrap ,well maybe the odd obvious game but on the whole,especially for away game it was the day out that i loved ,plus i loved CFC... As for today ,ive not been in for so long ive no idea how bad the atmosphere is,bad i fear for many reasons ...i hope a standing area may actually happen one day and a bjt of noise can be made .....live in hope as for knives and drugs ,for me a bigger problem than covid ,all parties just stick their heads in the stand....bast-@s the lot of them...just look after and love your kids
  7. So Mike can i ask ,did you ever find her ?🤞
  8. Bluehaze i think that is exactly what it is ,it was a sunday for sure and the queue was massive for obvious reasons so i think you’re spot on
  9. Excellent footage of the cup parade ,thanks for that ...watched over and over a good few times ....the picture of the shed forecourt,this might sound odd as there are people up in the shed ,but it doesn’t look like it is game day,it all looks to relaxed,plod look relaxed ,the fans ambling away from the ground look relaxed ,not many on the steps ,no colours ,no scarves at all,not one ....who knows ,im over thinking it 🤔🤔 im sure
  10. I think you’re right ,shoot magazines ,bubble gum cards,marbles ,scrap books ,silk CFC. scarves ha ha ,pin badges ,pendants,then a bit older more pin badges ,ticket stubs football and music ,programmes ,singles, albums ,The Jam then and now solo Weller ,books,all very obsessive....
  11. Got to love a pin badge ,still collecting them all these years later....what is it with blokes and collecting stuff!.!?
  12. More great stories..ive got one of those mirrors...its in the Chelsea book got not got. Its in the loft as no where for it to hang,i should have brought a pub rather than a semi ! ps congratulations to Rangers on number 55 ..great achievement
  13. Blimey more brilliant pictures ,thanks all...been a sh*te day so happy to loose myself for 5 minutes on here so cheers
  14. Cheers bluehaze re Dave Hollins..the cr#p we all know I went to the derby game in a polo shirt and jeans and I remember to this day standing on the terrace behind the goal chivering away ,with it snowing and thinking wtf ! As you say 5 minutes later it's costa del derby and pass the sun cream
  15. I wonder if that is Dave Hollins , John's brother,as Dave was a keeper and they look the same Ps great Ossie pics... Ossie pictures just take me back to being an obsessed 7 ,8 year old
  16. For me i know my attendance dropped off late eighties as I brought my first flat and moved in with the Doris of the day so money became tight.Having done, like so many fans home and away games for 10 plus years i was also knackered and i have to admit a wet night in Walsall ,again wasnt as appealing as it had previously been....cant miss a game was a mantra that no longer applied then Moving fast forward i hated euro 96 with Skinner and that song,still hate it now ,painted faces and sh*te,yeh gods I really got my love of home and away games back ,cant miss a game ,cant miss a game when Rudd signed ,and that team came together under Wisey,we played some great football ,had the old CFC style back ,didn’t win every game but we put in a performance...unlike todays shower european game !fukcing marvellous,just like the old days And then i slowly got worn down again by it all ,not CFC but bastrd sky and super sunday and magic monday and the death of 3 o’clock Saturday,sky ha ha prices become stupid but i kept going ,just just in the hope that my beloved club could win the league....just once in my time...and we did and i was there in Bolton,thanks Frank...as a sign maybe of the times i was there with my current Doris....so i had changed as well sadly that last home game against Charlton, party atmosphere,happy days ,but in the queue going into the Matthew Harding a kid of maybe 8 had his flag on a stick ,waving away with the biggest smile on his face and I thought he’s going to be the next generation and will go for the next 30 ,40 years and then as he got to the turnstile,the bastrd steward took the flag off him as it was a dangerous weapon,i went mad .....i so felt for the kid and that was my last game going in....
  17. I was packed in behind the goal in the corner...crap view ,squashed to pieces but happy as a pig in sh*t...great pictures
  18. So without over thinking this we are officially CFAC or as per that Rick Glanvill tweet we are CFC ?
  19. Ersk...this might be very boring but that Bristol city complimentary ticket,if we were called Chelsea football and athletic club limited that makes us CFAC and yet ive never ever seen CFC written anywhere as CFAC ....god even im bored by this thought ha ha ....just talking out loud Ps on a general note always wonderful to beat the shower of sh#te from north London,makes it another tough but happy week
  20. Blimey i know im old but Marvin Hinton is 81 wow ...crazy great picture Boyne of the Shed
  21. And you kindly post a picture of mickey Droy in the 81 kit...perfect cheers Ersk Bluehaze when the youth ,newbies on the match day thread moan about this that and everything ,little do they know about Alan Mayes ,cool jumper or not !
  22. Richard P im very jealous....oddily the only ever ever kit I brought was the 1981 home pin stripe,i still have it and still think it is a thing of beauty.
  23. I want a Graham Wilkins v neck with his name below the best CFC Badge ever....how cool 😎
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