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  1. So, Saul and Chillwell should start, James needs to start. Malang Sarr should start so that he can be replacing Rudiger at times to allow Rudiger to rest. Trevor should start, then probably Christensen. Ross Barkley should start, then probably Werner should start upfront. This is the kind of game where Mount should play. He should be the king in this type of games and still be playing few games for us in the league. Games like this can develop him. And since so many people don't want to hear that we should loan him out for now. So many people don't want to agree that he is not ready for us. What so many people are celebrating about him is that he is still young and energetic, but even if you are young and energetic but you lack the talent to play football well, then you are just not the right person.
  2. Please let's not bring this issue of work rate into football. If a player is bad, he is bad. What is the meaning of this work rate that we talk about. When Fernando Toress was why us, I think he didn't play so we'll for us for a lot of the time. So, will someone now say that he normally tracks back to tackle opponents, and that because of that he is good? My question is that is that his job?
  3. I've always said it that Mason Mount is such a weird player. His passes are poor. And it is such a bad news for an attacking midfielder to have poor passes. He can score goals in few occasions but that's everything about his game. That's why, for me, he's not my first choice to start, I want someone who gives more to the striker. And I think that's why at times Havertz and Ziyech starts. And at times Pulisic. But it seems Ziyech is showing us that he doesn't deserve to start now. So sincerely I will choose Pulisic and Havertz as first choice in those two positions for now. I feel anyone playing in those positions must be better than what Mount is giving us, especially to score by himself and create chances for the striker.
  4. Even if we are playing against a small team, we still need a cracking performance. So, our best players must play. I don't think this is time for rotation. Against small teams in the premier league, we can rotate.
  5. Nobody knows if Tuchel is that intelligent to do that.
  6. Please, let's start Odoi over Dave at RWB and have Chillwell at LWB.
  7. So your best possible team, both defensively and offensively, is Alonso over Chillwell at LWB? wow.
  8. No Mount, are u sure some people will like that? But I like the line up. However, anytime James does not play, I always want to see someone who can make good crosses as well in that RWB. So, I want Odoi in that RWB, Aspi should rest. I hope the manager will have the balls to rest Aspi sometimes this season. Then at LWB, please let Chillwell be back please. Chillwell at LWB please. Then I want us to try something new in the midfield. Let's have Saul and Jorginho partnership. Jorginho at the base trying to create play, while Saul assisting him with the defensive side, and also moving the ball forward to the attackers. I want Kante and Kovacic to rest, not because they are bad but to bring Saul up to speed and make us have four good midfielders in that midfield.
  9. I want to see another player apart from the ones we have in the Midfield at the moment. We complicated things for ourselves when we started using an offensive player (Jorginho) in defensive midfield and right now I don't even know how we can make that midfield work. If we have an FA cup semi final clash tomorrow against Liverpool at Wembley, how do we manage the game and try to win. Or are we going to struggle to play draw with them and then go into penalties, and probably lose the match? I mean I don't think Chelsea were like this before. We must be big enough to win all these our rivals in 90 minutes and not be playing draw with them. If you watch El clasico in Spain, I think most of the time, one of the teams win. And it was not something special that one of the teams win, the team was better than the other, and it won the other team. Even though the team was winning a big team, it was normal. We should get used to winning big teams. I want us to try Saul and Jorginho partnership first. We all know that Kante is good, let him rest a bit. Let's see if Saul can help us our attack a little bit more. I want Tuchel to focus more on that central midfield in matches. Let him be ready to use two substitutions in those positions in a game. Meaning you use Chillwell instead of Alonso, so u don't have to make substitution in that position. If we do that, we can have a strong team.
  10. Really happy for the deal. I think I wasn't happy with what we had before. Although sincerely I believe a Jorginho Kovacic partnership is still the best partnership for us. And I will like to see it often. But now we have options, so we can try many combinations.
  11. What Tuchel did to us in this Liverpool match is to make us lose Reece James for the next three matches now. Now if you know what this Reece James' loss can do to the team. Now that may be because he played Alonso instead of Chillwell.
  12. I said it may lead to his sack because, if he refuses to play Chillwell and he keeps using Alonso and opponents exploits his wing to win us, then I feel the board should sack him.
  13. Is there anything like sharpness or match fitness about Alonso? Is he not normally slow on the ball? I said Chillwell is better than him, and Chillwell should be playing. Tuchel has to be careful about this Alonso and Chillwell situation, if not, it can lead to his sack.
  14. Maybe Tuchel is a type of person that doesn't care about how we get goals, he just wants us to score goals. Maybe that's why he is obsessed with Alonso, because obviously Alonso scores more goals than Chillwell. But you must care more about a player who helps the team score goals not necessarily scoring it by himself. In 90 mins, Chillwell can help the team and the team may score 3 goals, he may not score it by himself. But Alonso by himself can score 1 goal in 20 matches, and even though he scored in that one match, we may still lose the match, only that he scored one goal, so what is so special about the one goal that he scored? But you don't achieve great things like that. Chillwell is obviously better than Alonso, so why not use Chillwell instead of Alonso?
  15. You don't need to quarrel with me. I have said we should have played Chillwell instead of Alonso. And if u are the coach, and you wanted to play against Liverpool, I feel you should pick Chillwell over Alonso. Then I talked about Jorginho, and it's clear too. About Mount. What I'm just saying is if you get a striker like Lukaku and you do not put intelligent players around him who can give him passes, then how is he going to score? We need more creative players around the striker. If I were the coach, I will play Ziyech over Mount.
  16. No it's not a generic complain. Who sees danger and still goes headlong? Now, I think you mentioned that Alonso was playing against PACEY Liverpool forwards, now, when Tuchel knew that he will be playing against PACEY Liverpool forwards, why didn't he use Chillwell instead of him? What Chillwell would have done for us is that we may have gone 2 or 3 goals up before Liverpool got that equaliser, or Liverpool may not have gotten that equaliser. Thesame thing with Jorginho. As a coach, when I knew that Jorginho is not very strong, and I knew that we were playing against a strong team, I won't play Jorginho, I will play Kovacic and Kante, and we will fight the battle. It is a battle, we would have fought it.
  17. Hopefully the coach will try Ziyech instead of Mount sometimes.
  18. Hopefully the coach will try Ziyech instead of Mount sometimes.
  19. I didn't know about the rule, and I dare say a rule would not have been needed. It is what makes football interesting, once there is an hand ball in that position, if you issue a red card, I'm fine with it. Although if they've made the rule, then let it be yellow card. But the most important thing is that Alonso should not have disturbed his goalkeeper in the build up to that Liverpool equaliser. You allow your goalkeeper to keep the ball in that instance and we would not have gotten to this Reece James red card. Now, I think we will lose Reece James for three matches now. Now can you imagine playing three matches without Reece James. This is why we said Tuchel should have played Chillwell instead of Alonso. If we want to win the league, I feel our attitude in this type of matches is very important. If you had the chance of getting three points, and you are celebrating one point. Then how can you win the premier league. Can we win the premier league by playing draw in this kind of match? What makes us think that we won't drop points against small teams? Liverpool may not drop points against small teams and then end up winning the premier league.
  20. I'm suprised that many of us are referring to that red card. If it had been given to our opponent, are we going to be here saying it is wrong? Excuse me, when you handle the ball on the goalline in football, and maybe you prevent a goal, are we not aware that it is a red card? Although maybe a lot of young supporters are also in this forum. But it has always been a rule that if you handle the ball on the goal line, and maybe prevent a goal, it is red card. In the build up of their goal, I feel Alonso should have left the ball for Mendy. He needs to be aware of the pitch, and what is going on at a moment. If your goalkeeper was beside you in the box, and the situation was getting rowdy, you leave the ball for your goalkeeper to keep. I think this match has made me understand Tuchel a little bit more, I think he's a defensive coach, and maybe that doesn't allow him to know much about offense. Constantly I've been studying our attack, I feel we are poor in attack. Even in that first half, I feel we had many chances to score the second goal but we didn't. We need to work on our game going forward. Also I felt the coach should have used physical players yesterday. Chillwell should have played instead of Alonso, if I was the coach, I would have used Ziyech instead of Mount, also, I would have used Kante and Kovacic, instead of Jorginho and Kante. And that is because Liverpool are a physical team and we should have used all the physical players that we had.
  21. Don't ever settle in your life, maybe for a draw or a loss. For those people who are afraid of Liverpool, I'll like to help them. Do they know the owner we have, is he a pauper? Very clearly we can rub shoulders with Liverpool in any way in football. Financially as a club, Liverpool cannot oppress us in anyway, so why should we be afraid of playing them? I ask people that. If they are stronger in any department of the pitch than us, then we should go to the market and strengthen our team and not serve Liverpool all our lives. I mean, how will we settle for a draw in a match against Liverpool? no. So when we are going to play against Liverpool, we are going there to win them. Simple as that. I do not watch football to waste my time, I watch to win titles. Now, I don't know what is wrong with our team at the moment, and I don't know why u think we can only play draw with them, and it is to prevent things like this that we tell the team to prioritise buying proper players in every position. When you still have a player like Jorginho in a defensive midfield position, how will you not be afraid that Liverpool may win us. We were saying let us get a proper player like Declan Rice in that position, so that we can face these teams. I mean what is wrong in winning the premier league? Won't we be happy if we do? shouldn't we try to may it happen, so that all of us can be happy? Then again let's get this Kounde now, it is for our good.
  22. I forgot to talk about this. I was not harsh on Jorginho. We all know about Jorginho's defensive frailties. And as we go into this game, Liverpool may exploit that to harm us. Games like this may go down to the little details between the two teams. We are talking about what we can get if Jorginho plays for us, but we are not talking about the danger of playing Jorginho, the benefit that Liverpool can get from us playing Jorginho. If Liverpool are able to prevent us from scoring, they may capitalize on Jorginho's weakness to harm us. So it is better for us not to have any weakness in our team by playing Kovacic and Kante, have them well drilled, then Liverpool will not have anything to capitalize on in our midfield. Then we can give them a very good match from our defense to our midfield to our attack. Then talking of Alonso, we used Alonso against Arsenal, we won Arsenal 2-0, what if we had used Chillwell? Maybe we would have defeated Arsenal 4-0, because I think Chillwell is better than Alonso. But for this match, please let's play Chillwell instead of Alonso.
  23. You need to understand the difference between Man City and Liverpool. I feel Man City as a team are not very strong defensively, and I feel that was why we defeated them thrice last season. But Liverpool, I feel they are a team very strong defensively and offensively. I feel they have a good defense and I think they also have Fabinho and Henderson in front of them to make them solid defensively. So we must consider all that. Also, we must be aware of the threat that their attackers pose. I am not saying we won't cause them problems, that is what we all want, I sincerely want it, but we must take care of the areas where they can hurt us, and also try to play players that can hurt them.
  24. Will you just by yourself play further up the pitch, or what is it that you said we should do? Whatever you want to do, you still have to have the right players on the pitch. It is these players that will allow you to do what you want to do on the pitch. And that's what I'm saying, that we should use the right set of players that can enable us do what we want to do on the pitch both defensively and offensively. If you play Jorginho, and you get exposed at the back, do you like that? If you play Alonso, and you get exposed on the left wing, do you like that?
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