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  1. Are spurs also going to play three at the back? So, Mourinho will play his normal 4 at the back, he is not afraid of us, why should we be afraid of him? With all the players we have now, play 3-4-3? Because our midfield is not good enough? Or our defenders are not good enough? It will be disrespectful to players like Chillwell, James, Zouma and Thiago, if we cannot play our normal 4 at the back. I don't want few attackers on the pitch please, I want many attackers on the pitch. I don't think we are Tottenham who defend and defend and defend, we need to attack.
  2. You're right. Then that's our job today to put someone to track him. Thanks.
  3. If we don't allow the midfielders to supply ball to them, how will they score? And, I feel we can easily block supply to them. You are talking of Harry Kane and son, you are not talking of our own Ziyech, Werner, Pulisic, Havertz, Mount.
  4. I feel there is nothing special about spurs. They are playing basic football. Chelsea should be beating them silly. All they are just trying to do is prevent you from a scoring. I don't think they have any special attacking strength. That is why if Lampard is afraid right now, I will be sad. Because that may mean that he doesn't know what he has. When you have a player like Havertz, and you want to play against a team that will sit back, he may use his genius to split them open. That is why I will not get why Lampard may be afraid of them. I feel the way we prosecuted that Renne
  5. What is it about people who only think about stats all their life. So if a player doesn't have a million goals and assists, he is not a good player? Yesterday, the assist that Kovacic gave Abraham, I think the pass came from Ziyech. But I don't think people are talking about that pass from Ziyech, I think what people are talking about is the assist and the goal.
  6. We don't even need to be talking about some of these things. And that is why I get annoyed when Lampard play Kovacic as DM, there are roles for each player. I think when Kovacic first came, we had Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic. And I think Kovacic was the attacking midfielder among them. So, why are we going to be playing Kovacic as a DM. And it's not as if Lampard and his staff were dumb last season. I feel Mount and Kovacic and Kante should have played together in midfield last season. What gets me angry is playing players out of position.
  7. See, we were 3-0 down against Westbrom, we changed to this style. We drew 3-3. I feel Lampard should know that that is the style that can work for this team. After that match, I don't think he continued to use this style. My question is why? When you see a style that will work, you should stick to it. Let's continue to use this Kante, Mount and Havertz combination in midfield. I feel it will give us a lot of attackers up front, we could be really devastating up front with Mount, Havertz, Ziyech, Pulisic and Werner. And I think Kante, the back four preferably with James, not Aspi, and Mendy
  8. Why were they beaten 6-1 by spurs, they were being beaten 2-1 by spurs, and the match was still very much a contest, I think in the first half, and they were given a soft red card and you are using that to analyse Mctominay and Fred. You watch the two of them against us and you don't see that they are good.
  9. Midfield was not our problem? So what was our problem? Defense or attack? When we brought Kovacic, and he played with Jorginho and Kante in the midfield, was he a DM? This one that people are saying we should play him in the pivot, is he a DM? You can see the team using him there when we had problems, no player to play that position, no DM, so we will not leave that position empty, we put someone there. But if you are intelligent enough, you should know the profile of the player that should be playing that position. Not a player that played the position when the team was going through a crisis
  10. My dear, I'm telling you what will make us win football matches, we are not planning on spending 200m to draw football matches, we want to be winning football matches. U need to understand the basic things in football. The way we set up, was it to win that match? I want us to really be strong in attack, and to be strong in attack, we have to be playing 4231. But we need a very solid pivot, very solid DMs, so that we can be strong at the back at thesame time that we are strong in attack with that formation 4231.
  11. We need to get one or two solid DMs ASAP. In January preferably, because I don't know if we can still get one more year from Thiago Silva after this year and I don't want us to waste him this whole year, I want us to win something with him this year, but I don't think we can win something with this team this year except we get good DMs in January.
  12. Funny, those ones are the ones you call priority, then why couldn't we play 4231 at the weekend, that we had to play five at the back. If your DMs could protect the defense, would we have played five at the back, we've got top full backs, top central defenders, why were we playing five at the back If your DMs were good enough. Who were we planning on crossing the ball to from the flanks, is it Werner that will score with his head? I mean what style did we play at the weekend? just look at ManU, they had Mctominay and Fred, so they didn't have to use five at the back. And this is just
  13. Why didn't the board prioritise a good DM at the summer. Was it that they didn't know the team need it? This is such a shame. We go a whole season playing sh*t, because it's so annoying, we buy those players and we didn't get a good DM. What is the engine of a team? Is it not the DM, it's as if we don't have a team. Nobody to drive the team. Thus, the team is dead.
  14. I don't care about the good result they had during the week. Football is a game of many matches, we too could have had a win, a lose or a draw before this game. So winning a match before this match is irrelevant to this match. It's a shame that so many people in the world do not have any business commenting about football, they don't know anything about football. Seriously, for now, with how difficult the premier league is now, against big teams, I feel we should be using two defensively minded midfielders in that midfield behind Havertz. They will do all the work and make it easy f
  15. We need some one to be controlling that midfield. We can only win teams if we can control them. Then get the ball across to our attackers. It's a shame that we could not get a proper defensive midfielder at the summer. Even Westham, as I watched them against Tottenham, they are a very good team. We need to assemble a proper team. We are facing tough teams and we cannot be using a weak defensive midfield to play against them. We need to buy a strong defensive midfielder who can control games in January. So that we can be getting the ball to our attackers more for them to get the goals.
  16. I find it kind of disrespectful that you will tell someone on this forum that he is trolling. On Werner, I understand you, but on Chilwell, I said what I said. He was taking corner kicks, he was taking free kicks, if I'm right, he scored, look at his assist for Zouma, look at when he dribbled two or three players towards the end of the match, he chested one long ball into our box to the keeper. Let's appreciate what he did. I know people like Alphonso Davies, Marcelo, Robertson and Roberto Carlos. But that was some performance by Ben Chilwell.
  17. People, its not about long range passes from that position. the major job of someone playing in that role is defending. it is what makalele does, after defending the ball, you then pass the ball, maybe short pass, to someone in front of you, or long pass depending on your ability. But particularly, you need defensive ability, you must be able to defend, that is what someone is looking for from someone playing that role. lets forget the long range passes that Jorginho gives, those are irrelevant. the role in that position is to defend, defend. That is why we need someone who can defend in that
  18. Well said. Playing a big money striker signing on the wings, I don't get this from Lampard. Who does that? Just put him in his position already. How will you put Aguero on the wings, just because he is very good and he can play there? You don't do that. About Ben Chillwell, I think that's the best left back performance I've ever seen in my entire life in the whole world. Even Marcelo, I don't think his crosses are as good as that cross that Ben Chillwell gave Zouma to score that second goal. On top of that, he was taking our corner kicks. OMG, that was some performance. I hope he co
  19. What I liked about our game against Palace was that it's like Lampard is trying to catch opponents off guard with different tactics every match. He played a tactics similar to Sarri's style in that match, if he truly has a lot of tactics up his sleeves, I will be very happy. That will mean opponents may look at our line up one hour before the match and not be able to predict how we are going to play. Teams will not be able to predict how we will play based on our previous matches. In that midfield we have Mateo(M1), Kante (K), Jorginho (J), Mount (M2), Havertz (H). We can play M1KH, tha
  20. But, you understand my point. I don't want us to remain at the level we were last season, I don't know if you want it, but I don't want it. If Oxlade Chamberlain, Shaqiri, Minamino and Keita can be on the bench at Liverpool, it's not too much for Mount to be on the bench at Chelsea. However Mount can still be starting and Chelsea may not buy Rice. If Lampard can makes Kante Mount and Havertz partnership to work in the midfield.
  21. I think Mason Mount is also good but if you watch Havertz' videos on YouTube and you have an idea of the kind of player he is, you have to as yourself, Is Mason Mount world class good enough to be Chelsea's no 8, in the premier league against any opponent, in the Champions league? we saw him last season. I don't think so. If you as yourself thesame question concerning Havertz, you will say yes. So I feel Havertz should be the one. I look at the Calibre of players in the midfield of teams like Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd and other Champions league opponents, I feel Chelsea's midfield at t
  22. Please what happened to 2nd?, With this team. Once we have good bench, with players who can come in to allow the starters to rest sometimes. Once we have a good bench of players that can come in and make a difference. We can. But we shouldn't think that because of what we have done in this transfer window, we are now at the level of Liverpool. Compare our team with Liverpool. They have Alison- is he not the best goalkeeper in the world Van dijk- is he not the best defender in the world Arnold- is he not the best right back in the world Robertson- is he not one of the best l
  23. Seriously I want us to get over this last season please, we faced some circumstances, and we started using academy players in Chelsea. Please look at the kind of teams we are facing. In the Champions league and in the Premier league. If we want to compete with the likes of Liverpool in the Premier league, I don't think we can be using these kind of players. Last season, against Liverpool, in the league, how did we do? Against United in the league, how did we do? Last season, against Bayern, how did we do? I reckon we did well some times, but we should not be at that level where Man U
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