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  1. Im very sorry everyone for this comment. It was actually during my passtime at work yesterday. I actually came across the comment on Youtube. Someone posted the comment on a Chelsea video on Youtube. I actually wouldnt have written such a thing about Chelsea by myself because it sounds derogatory. However, I posted it on this forum because i believe on this forum, we have mature, reasonable Chelsea fans who know everything about the history of the club and understands all the challenges the club is facing at the moment. All of us agree that with the current squad, we can say that this team is overachieving at the moment. With the young players, the ban etc, we dont have a proper squad that may be able to go all the way in all competitions and compete with the top sides in the pl and the cl. this is why i posted it on this forum. However, since it sounds persimistic, i ought not to have copied it or posted it on this forum in the first place.
  2. Chelsea are a massively overrated side, they are weak compared to the top sides in pl and cl
  3. thanks for ur response Deino. dont misunderstand me. This is what Lampard said after the game. The interview is on the Chelsea website. ‘It was definitely an extra dangerous time to play against Everton because they did have a bounce and I expected that, AND THEY HAVE GOOD PLAYERS. THEY HAVE INVESTED A LOT and that is why people have been talking a lot about their league position. I was aware, the players were aware but you have to deal with it practically.’ "They have invested a lot" means they have purchased many players. And that means, they are a very good team at the moment. Now, talking about the number of players that we need to sign. i have mentioned the positions where we need to purchase better players. A left back, a central defender, a positional midfielder, an attacking midfielder, two wingers, and a striker. that is seven players. My recommendations are optional, if Chelsea wants to compete in terms of personnel with teams like Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool and Tottenham.........., that is what to do. you cannot really do anything worthwhile with the Zoumas, the Christensens, the Emersons....... and co that you have in the team.
  4. thanks for ur response Whitewall. dont misunderstand me. This is what Lampard said after the game. The interview is on the Chelsea website. ‘It was definitely an extra dangerous time to play against Everton because they did have a bounce and I expected that, AND THEY HAVE GOOD PLAYERS. THEY HAVE INVESTED A LOT and that is why people have been talking a lot about their league position. I was aware, the players were aware but you have to deal with it practically.’ take note of the texts i capitalised. they brought in about seven players last season and since that time they are no longer the former weak Everton side that everybody knows over the years. they are actually a changed side right now in terms of personnel, and that is why Lampard said "that is why people have been talking a lot about their league position". With the personnel they have currently, they should be doing very well in the premier league at the moment.
  5. did you listen to Lampard's post match conference? He said Everton has good players. That's what it is and nothing you can do to that.
  6. Pick on what I said all you want but even our best players were not allowed to play so well today, it shows they were playing against a very good team.
  7. people have forgotten how to give credit when it is due. Today was largely because we have very few decent players at the moment. Everton have very good players at the moment. Look all over pitch today, Sidibe, Digne, sigurdson, Richarlisson, Calvert Lewis, Schnerderlin, Iwobi, Walcott, Keane, Holgate, all great players. At the moment, this Chelsea squad needs an overhaul. Pulisic for me is still too young to compete at the highest level, Willian is past his best, Mount is too young, we need a new left back, we need at least one central defender, we need an extra positional midfielder..... we need at least around seven players if we want to beat a team like Everton. Everton themselves had to buy around seven players last season to get the team that has beaten us consecutively two times last season and this season at Goodisson Park. We need an overhaul and I doubt Abramovich would do the type of thing Everton did last season by buying seven players in January or in the summer.
  8. I was dissapointed in him today, it shows how good everton were in tackling our players. That made it very difficult for us to play well today.
  9. Jorginho is irrelevant to what happened today, Everton were so fired up today, they've always had very good players, they won us there last season, they just had a bad spell under Marco Silva. Everton were very good. There were no spaces for us today, but maybe we would have gotten a draw in the match had it not been for Zouma's two errors.
  10. Zouma was responsible for two of their goals.
  11. Thanks. This has been my opinion all along on this forum even before today. Even against those big teams that have been beating us this season, Kante would have at least fought a bit with them and given them a good match. I'm not saying maybe we would have beaten those big teams, but it would have been better than what we had. Kante would have protected the defence very well and, Kovacic and Mount would have had more freedom to go forward better in those matches, and that would have made us so dangerous offensively.
  12. The reason why we cannot play better than we played tonight is because of the ban. But, the truth is that the team that played tonight is probably the best team you can put together in this our squad. We all saw tonight how Kante fought hard with Aston Villa players in the midfield. For me, a midfield trio of Kante, Kovacic and Mount is still our best option in the midfield. It will make the team good both defensively and offensively.
  13. you dont bench willian, he should always be the first on the team sheet. top player, fantastic player, so dont bench him. if we had started willian against West ham, we would have won the match. he's an intense player, and we all know that, and that's a threat in itself. Let him start, he can score a free kick out of nothing, just leave him. Apart from that, i like your opinion about Jorginho, everybody in this forum knows my position about Jorginho. I said the only frailty in that Chelsea team is that our midfield lacks adequate defensive protection for the our defence. In some matches, we have been fortunate to get away with it, but, it gets us into trouble in other matches too. It got us into trouble throughout last season and everybody shouted last season that Kante should be returned back to his normal position that he plays for the France National team. we were complaining last season because we were having little problems with the defence and we wanted Kante to come back to his position to protect the team, the problem last season was not because Jorginho wasnt making assists, it is not the job of a defensive midfielder to make assists, so, people saying Jorginho was not making assists last season didn't know any better, it's just ignorance to say that. Physical teams that come well prepared to play against us exploit this weakness and we always suffer, and I dont like that. That was what happened against West ham at the weekend, i hope Lampard sees it, its so unfortunate that he's not seeing it, and as a player, he played in a system where we played Makalele, Essien and him in the midfield. Every other system that he played in was not as successful as that system. So, I'm suprised that Lampard last weekend played against a very physical team like West ham with three offensive midfielders (Jorginho, Kovacic and Mount) in the midfield, with no single defensive player for the midfield? that's strange. the way we use Kante even when we play him is not even in front of the defence, So, who stops the attack of the opponents' attacking midfielders, strikers and wingers? So, I support you that we should play with Kante, Kovacic and Mount in the midfield.
  14. Nonsense. What everybody here is saying suprises me a lot. we dont the kind of great squad we want because of the ban, but, what we have in this squad is enough for us to be comfortable at second spot on the table. Are we saying that Leicester city squad is better than our own? why should Leicester city be above us on the table? I dont know why we pamper Lampard this much, we lose a football match and what everybody is saying is that our squad should not have won Westham in the first place. This squad is good enough to win these kind of matches, its just the coach is not bold enough to bench Jorginho in some matches, so that Kante can protect the defense, and so that we can win football matches.
  15. Give CHO some break please. The difference between winning and losing these kinds of matches is just a few details that Lampard refused to take note of. Lampard obviously looked down on West Ham, I think he thought they weren't a good side. I mean he started a certain Pedro who I don't think has started any match for us this season. And I keep saying our defense starting from our defensive midfield to the defense itself is bad. This is ridiculous.
  16. https://metro.co.uk/2019/11/11/frank-lampard-hints-new-position-chelsea-star-reece-james-11079384/
  17. there is a little blind spot that i think you have about Jorginho. I think the major mistake you are making is that once a player does any incredible thing in any match, it means he is a superstar and he must be starting every match for the team. you dont care whether he did it again a weak team, all you care about is that since you have seen him playing well and doing well against a team in the premier league, he must be good and should be starting every game in the premier league. Do you know that every game in the premier league is DIFFERENT. For example, last week, when Jorginho was banned and we played Kante, Kovacic and Mount, we didnt have to be afraid of Crystal Palace's good attacking players, Kante stopped their attacks, plus James and Emerson. But, last weekend, if we had played Jorginho in the hole, Zaha, Townsend and co, would have exploited that weakness and that match would probably have ended in a draw or a loss. I am saying this especially at this time when our two central defenders are still inexperienced, we need to provide adequate protection for them. Last season, in a match against Spurs, i remember how Son scored the third goal. he simply got the better of Jorginho and scored the goal. The point is, Jorginho's position is supposed to protect the back four but Jorginho by his characteristics is not a defensive player, we all know that, and that exposes our defence against teams like Man city, Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs. If we play Kante in the position we are currently playing him and we allow Jorginho to continue to play in the defensive midfield position, Kante will not have the chance to be able to protect the back four, but if we remove Jorginho from that position and we put Kante there (just like it happened against Crystal Palace last weekend). Kante will be able to protect our defence, and therefore Kovacic and Mount will be more deadly up front because they dont need keep coming back to support Kante to protect the back four. As it is now, Kovacic is not able to concentrate on his attacking role because all the time, Jorginho is not able to protect the back four alone and Kovacic therefore needs to always track back to assist him. The problem with Jorginho is that he cannot play any other position in the midfield apart from the position he is currently playing and we need a defensive player in that position against top teams. I acknowledge his efforts this season, it has really been helping us against the smaller teams, he should keep playing against the lesser teams but obviously it has not been good enough for us against the top teams. He knew that coming from last season, everybody had been shouting that Kante should be returned back to his normal position, he knows that once we return Kante back to his normal position, he cannot play in any other position, he would be returned to the bench and that may spell the end to his career. therefore he has been doing every thing within his power this season to prevent the coach from returning Kante back to his rightful position. But we can all see now that we cannot keep doing that against the top teams, Kante needs to be playing that position against the top teams. For me, if we want to finish in the top four, we cannot afford to lose home and away against Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd, Spurs, Man City, etc. therefore, Jorginho should keep playing against the lesser teams but against the top teams, Kante, Kovacic and Mount should be playing in the midfield. Its just a matter of treating every match differently.
  18. Listen, forget the dumb statistics, so you are saying Jorginho is better than Fabinho. Read my analysis and for once understand what I am trying to say. Give me your own opinions about everything I wrote. You either support what I said and give reasons or you oppose it and give reasons.
  19. Thanks. This has been the solution in big games since Jorginho joined this club but some fans and the managers didn't see it. When I mentioned it in this forum for the match against Palace at the weekend, some people didn't agree with me, but it is the way forward.
  20. You just seem to think you will happen to beat a team regardless of the kind of players you use to play against them. If you read my analysis, you will see that I analysed City and us very clearly. It's not about just saying anything, consider the facts, how have we fared against the top teams this season, that is the fact before us. What can we do differently against the top teams? is there any solution in our team so that all the top teams do not flog us throughout this season. we have not played Spurs, Arsenal, City (home and away), that is six matches, if we lose six matches this season, plus Man Utd and Liverpool (away), that is eight matches against the top teams. If we lose eight more matches this season, can we finish in the top four. We must look at the situation very well.
  21. Should Jorginho play? Is there anything Jorginho will do against the big teams that Kovacic cannot do. I think we should ask ourselves, if Jorginho plays, are we going to be able to stop Aguero, bernando Silva, Sterling, de bruyne, Silva, Mahrez, Rodri, etc. I think that is the most important question we should be asking ourselves. We must make sure man city does not win the midfield battle. We need Mount to support the attackers, we can't drop Mount. Against City, it must be a war, you must not allow them to have too much possession of the ball. If they have too much possession of the ball, they will beat you silly. To those arguing with me when I said Jorginho should be playing against the lesser teams but not against the big teams. Against City last season at Etihad, we used our normal starting eleven with Jorginho, Hazard, and everybody, we were thrashed 6-0 by Man city. And, under Sarri, we were having it very easy with the lesser teams. Jorginho organises the team, makes good passes to the midfielders and from the midfielders to the attacking players, and we were winning the lesser teams. However, against City, we were thrashed 6-0. Doesn't that say something about the team that although Jorginho helps the team against the lesser teams, we may have to find a solution when we are playing with the bigger teams because we all know that anybody who plays in Jorginho and Kante's positions must be good defensively to protect the defence, but Jorginho is not good defensively, and big teams will expose this weakness. If people did not understand what I was trying to say before about Jorginho, I think they should be able to understand with this one. We cannot do without Jorginho against the weaker teams, but against top teams that are obviously better than us at the moment, vis Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, or against teams that are decent like Leicester, Crystal Palace, everton, spurs etc., if we want to try to get something out of the game, We should be dropping Jorginho and be playing Kante, Kovacic and Mount. That is what top coaches do when they are playing against a team that is better than them. That is all I'm saying. Against City next weekend, I think the team should look like this. Kepa James Tomori Zouma Emerson Kante Kovacic Mount Pulisic Willian Abraham.
  22. No, look at the tone of my post, Im not saying Lampard should go or be Mourinho's assistant. One of the best traits to have as a person is to allow people to criticise you. If you hate criticisms, its a sign that you are still immature. Im only criticising Lampard, and it is meant to improve him as a manager.
  23. listen Davey baby, I thought you would be more tactful than what you just wrote now. In the days of Barcelona's tiki taka, was it not joy to watch? We played like Barcelona last season. You can check all our ball possession last season, we had a lot of ball possession last season. That's why I said it was joy to watch.
  24. What Lampard said concerning Emerson is not tenable. This is the reason why not all of us can be managers. It's a talent, I think. Alonso was so poor in that first half, I mean he was dire. If Emerson was as fit as he was against Watford, then even if Lampard wanted to take precautions, then he should have rested Emerson against Watford and played him against Ajax since Ajax is a more important match at the time. we shouldnt be confused by Alonso's occasionally goals from free kicks, and forget that his role is that of a left back. Who is a left back? A left back is a DEFENDER, (emphasis mine). If he is not able to defend for us, then let another person replace him. I dont know what that Ajax game would have ended with, maybe 6:2, if not for those two red cards that Ajax collected. The other area, I mean midfield, you read my analysis about Mourinho, how we need a stronger protection for our back four. Some people are just thinking of us scoring goals, they are not thinking that if we are conceding goals, all the efforts of our attacking players to get the goals will be in futility because we keep conceding goals. Against Ajax, if we had not conceded any goal in that match, we would have won the match by 4:0. If we defend better, we will win more matches. Thus, it is important for us to protect our back four. Thirdly, concerning Lampard, I am criticizing him because of Jorginho. Jorginho is the same Jorginho of last season under Sarri ball. Jorginho is a good player, a good deep lying playmaker. He's very effective against smaller teams but not against the bigger teams. Sarri ball was a great style of play, very entertaining, and beautiful. But, considering the nature of the Premier league, that style was a very audacious style because it was contrary to the traditional premier league midfield which normally has two defensively minded players covering the back four and an attacking player supporting the attackers. Throughout last season we were all concerned about that midfield because for the past fifteen years or so of the Abramovich era, I don't think Chelsea has played like that. I am only reinforcing our concerns from last season that Lampard should find a solution to it especially when we are playing against a strong opposition so that our back four doesn't get exposed.

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